1. T

    Is it okay to use stock images for most of my thumbnails?

    I'm thinking of using stock images for about 6o% to 80% of my thumbnails. Text boxes would overlay the stock images. One reason I'm considering this is because I own both a YouTube channel and a website with the same name. I’m thinking of using the same image for each video and accompanying...
  2. Edwindesign

    Services Cheap High Quality Banners / Thumbnails (*****)5 stars RATED

    Hello guys, I'm Edwin, a 21 years old graphic designer from Romania, I am here to deliver the best quality to everyone who is looking to get a job done by me. I can do a great looking banner for your channel, or any type of clickbait thumbnail!My prices are really affordable: -3 Youtube...
  3. prxncefx

    Services Cheap Custom Youtube Thumbnails/Banners

    Hey there! Im Pascal and if you are looking for a personal thumbnail designer, feel free to work with me! I am very experienced in making gaming thumbnails. If you choose me as a personal designer, you get big discounts. My normal pricings are: 5$ for 2 Youtube Thumbnails with all your desires...
  4. GameCable

    Request I need Fortnite thumbnails that are like Ninjas for something in Fortnite

    You read the title, the specific request is the ghost Agent Peely on a yellow pipe which is above the water, he is pointing a gun at another person (doesnt matter which skin). Im happy to give away a glider, emote, wrap of music for making it.
  5. GiggaVega

    Post your favorite Thumbnails.

    Hey guys, guess who? LOL:tongue: We have the option to upload attachments, so why nit take advantage. Let's make a thread where we can share the thumbnails we are most proud of. There are only 2 criteria, 1, you must have made the thumbnail & 2nd, you must be proud of it/them lol I hope you...
  6. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Do A/B Thumbnail Testing - Split Testing - Step-by-Step YouTube Tutorial with Tube Buddy

    A/B Split Testing - How To To A/B Thumbnail Testing - Step-by-Step YouTube Tutorial with A/B Testing with TubeBuddy // AB Test YouTube Thumbnails to improve Click Through Rate, Improve your video rankings boosting your views. Get more subscribers, get more views, and rank better with TubeBuddy.
  7. LovelyTime

    Services NEED SOMETHING CHEAP OR FREE..come right over (banners, avatars, and etc.

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the world of cheap or free GFX's!! I am doing this in an effort to fill up my spare time..(since I have so much of it) to create stuff for you lovely people :) Currently offering (FREE ZONE) includes: Profile Pictures Overlays (CHEAP ZONE) Pay what you want! Not under...
  8. Quinx

    Advice on Banner, thumbnails, and Logo

    Hi guys, Quinx here, I had trouble with designing my banner, thanks to these apps on android: adobe ps touch, and Pixel lab, I manage to create some ugly banner and Logo, although my color combination sucks, and.... Here I am seeking some advice from you my fellow youtubers, I would also...
  9. J

    Kid's streams going viral for no reason!!!?

    Recently I found someone named Ninja Dantez in my subscription feed. He is a 14-year old (my age) streamer who had about 450 subscribers. At the time I had about 200. I have NO idea how I got subscribed to this kid! Soon after this he added a new thumbnail and started gaining some traction. He...
  10. U

    Services I Edit... Anything (Graphics Design)

    Hey, let me know if you want someone to edit, meaning graphics! for you. I can get it done by set dates and will do it the way you want it, if you dont like it, I can redo it. Message me, cant wait to start a new arrangement.
  11. Kiwi Arcades

    Seeking critic on my thumbnail

    Hi all, I've been told that my arcade channel has interesting content and is fun to watch but most critic on the thumbnail. They say I would get a lot more views if I have a more attention grabbing thumbnail. I'm not really sure what's wrong with it. I would like any feedback on what you think I...
  12. Silta

    Services Custom Thumbnails

    Hi, If you're looking for good quality thumbnails and need them fast look no further! I can create quality thumbnails within the hour for a small fee of $5. Below are a few examples of my work for other YouTubers!
  13. BrettTaylorYT

    Best Type of Thumbnail

    I've gotten a lot of feedback on my thumbnails so I have decided to change them. I want them to look plain but also intriguing (if that makes sense). What do you look for in a thumbnail? What do yours look like? What are some tips you have found while making thumbnails?
  14. Cassarilla

    Thumbnails for Cover Songs?

    So, I know that my thumbnails need some work. I've been posting every day lately so it's a lot of videos adding up. Five days a week I do singing/ukulele covers and I'm stuck between a couple of options for the thumbnails of those in particular. Doing what I'm have been which is just taking...
  15. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  16. Gimphy

    Youtube Thumbnails For Just $1 EACH HURRY!!

    Hello My Name is Abe Chouman And I'll make you a thumbnail for just $1! I use Photoshop and Personally run my own YouTube Channel that has over 2500 Views. If You're Interested Contact Me: Email. Discord. Abe_Chouman#2505 Examples:
  17. BrettTaylorYT

    Thumbnails and title advice

    Hey so my question is mainly about video titles. How do you feel about all caps titles? The titles of my videos are all in caps, only because that's what I see everywhere, but I don't know if it's effective or not, or even what the purpose is. ALSO with thumbnails, title of video in thumbnail or...
  18. Seiger Seigsta

    Need Help With Tags/Getting Videos Ranking High And Noticed

    Hello everyone i would like to put out that i am decent with youtube experience but this is my trouble ive had for quite some time ive used apps/websites for finding the best tags but it still does not help. I am still unsure about what i am doing wrong. anyone got any advice or tips?
  19. Abdullahx9000

    Recent Thumbnails? Opinions and Suggestions are Greatly appreciated!

    So quite recently I have changed my Thumbnail layout as seen on the "The TABG Experience" video with an overlay that shows up consistently on newer videos. I have a couple of questions regarding the newest thumbnails (the thumbnails with the orange overlay). Are they attractive? Do you want to...
  20. L

    Services Cheap Graphics for Youtube Channels! Logos, Channel Art, Thumbnails, Anything!

    Closed temporarily.
  21. ElSwordDeMaster

    Request Looking for someone to create thumbnails for me (paid)

    Hello! So I'd like someone who's good at using photoshop to make thumbnails for me. I'd be willing to pay.
  22. Veecharlie

    Changing my thumbnail design, feedback?

    Hey guys, wow I'm posting like crazy these days. Ok so, another thing I'm changing: thumbnails. I want to make them more eye-catchy. HOWEVER..... I hate the "regular" pewdiepie "standard" thumbnail that everybody is copying. (Sorry Pewdiepie, I don't mean it personal.) I'd like to come up...
  23. Aaron Coombes

    Services Cheap YouTube work

    Prices: Thumbnails: $3-4 depending on how much work is needed Profile picture: $2 YouTube Banner: $4 Outro/offline Card: $3 - not very experienced in this but will produce high quality work I like to produce mid to high quality graphics work and reasonable prices. I am experienced in making...
  24. Mendozaaa17

    Services Thumbnails and Banners for Free [Limited]!

    [CLOSED] Hi y'all, I am willing to create some FREE graphic content such as THUMBNAILS and CHANNEL BANNERS/ART for you YouTube users out there. If you're curious to see what I am capable of, take a look further down the thread. I can't promise an exact delivery time, but you should take into...
  25. Rossiter740

    1st attempt at channel art and thumbnails... thoughts?

    hi all, just updated my thumbnails and recently my channel art... i have 0 experience with photoshop and graphic design, so i know they can be better.... but will they suffice? i have debated on outsourcing this to a pro but with my small amount of subscribers, idk if i want to invest... as...
  26. eoghan


    Hey guys, today i would love to make custom pro thumbnails for you guys! send me an email of what you would like and ill give you further info! email: HERE ARE SOME OF MY THUMBNAILS AND THUMBNAILS I CAN MAKE FOR FREE FOR YOU GUYS!
  27. Adventure Campitelli


    Anyone want to look at my thumbnails and give me their critiques and/or suggestions?
  28. Heizenblog

    What software to use

    Hi there, I currently use Canva to produce my thumbnails and banners, but would like to know what everyone else uses and what they feel is the best option for producing the most professional looking graphics.
  29. Mikey Beats

    Do my thumbnails make my page look messy?

    I want to know if the thumbnails make my youtube page look messy or its fine.
  30. Dutchie Abroad

    Dutchie in Review mode!

    Hello everyone!~ I've started my channel one month ago and uploaded 10 videos so far (with another one coming out today). I've been doing the best I can, utilizing the info on this forum and my own intuition. However, I feel like I need a second opinion on how I am doing. So a little more info...