1. MistyEmma

    What Do You Think Of My Thumbnails?

    When people give me feedback on my channel, they've often mentioned that my thumbnails could stand out more, so I've been updating all my thumbnails. What do you think of them?
  2. Jackpat02rules

    Request Free Professional Thumbnail Creator

    I am looking for someone who is able to make professional thumbnails for my two YouTube channels. I will work with them to make a thumbnail for new videos I create to make the best thumbnail. I am offering a shout-out and link credit in all of my descriptions. Anyone who is interested reply...
  3. M

    Does My Channel Look Professional?

    Dear all, I just downloaded Photoshop again and decided to recreate my channel design and I was wondering if my channel banner/avatar look professional with my thumbnails. Would you be more inclined to sub? Do they complement my thumbnails? Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CELLUS
  4. TaiFighter

    Could you help me out please!

    it what be awesome if some of you come and checked out my YouTube channel and some of my videos! If you leave a comment saying what you think about the video I might go back and check on your channel! -thanks, TaiFighterVideo link:
  5. ChaseAndFriends

    Is it bad to have bait thumbnails???

    So I NEVER use anything that could be considered "bait" in my thumbnails. Recently, however, I had it suggested to me by a fellow YouTuber. I tried it out and I did get more views than I normally do. I don't want to make this an ongoing thing, though. I feel guilty for some reason. I just need...
  6. Ekse

    Services Free GFX

    Hi. I am Ekse and i will say that you can get free gfx to your YouTube channel! Isn't that cool? I do often make custom avatars from your face/body. Just contact me on skype: EksePower. Hope you enjoy my free gfx :D
  7. Banished

    Thumbnails too much?

    Hey, Can some people let me know if my new thumbnails are a bit to much? And any advice would be rad!
  8. mariahgrace

    Making Thumbnails

    How can I make good thumbnails without spending money?
  9. ItzSavage

    Services [FREE] Can make Amazing thumbnails or Banners!

    The title is pretty self-understanding... Check out how good I am in thumbnails on my YouTube channel: Itz - FREE, you just need to subscribe to my channel, comment and like 1 video! EXAMPLES of thumbnails on my YouTube channel (I made them)
  10. BlueDog

    Services Denis' Graphic Shop |Thumbnails and Banners

    Hello guys,I'm Denis. I make YouTube thumbnails and banners,and I wanted to share some of my work with you. If you are interested in having something done,leave your Skype here and I'll add you.Orders can take up to 48 hours,but I try to get them done in one day. Payment is made via PayPal or...
  11. Chaotic

    Been Working on a Thumbnail for my next Dead Space Part any opinions? (KENESIS OVERWHELMING)

  12. Banished

    Just changed my thumbnails, thoughts?

    hey just changed some thumbnails and not sure about them. Can anyone have a look at them and tell me what they think? Also some advice on my banner would be rad. Cheers!
  13. ZentGaming

    Services Making Channel Art and Tumbanails!

    I will be making channel art and thumbnails for those who want them from me, or because you simply need :help: with making one. My work is everything on my YT channel. if you do want me to make something for you prices can be discussed later.
  14. S

    Services I'm Making Thumbnails, channel Art, profile pictures and other photos you need made

    Hi im SimpleIrishGamer So im offering to make thumbnails, channel art, profile pictures and any other photos you need made so just text me about it and we can make a deal
  15. Kousuke-shii

    Need feedbacks for my thumbails and editing!!

    Hey guys! I was talking to someone I know recently and they said I need to improve my thumbnails. The thing is, I don't know how to. I came here to ask for feedbacks on my thumbnails, tell me what you like or dislike about it just so I'll know. If you have the time, I also need feedback on my...
  16. SeanFace101

    Tube Buddy, anyone?

    Anyone use "Tube Buddy"? I just seen an ad here on this website and had a look at the home page of it and it says I can manage all my videos, thumbnails, comments, etc.. in one interface and also that it integrates in with my YouTube account. :P Is it any good? or Is it easier just to use the...
  17. Djams

    What kind of thumbnails are good?

    Hi guys! I was wondering what kind of thumbnails are good to have on a youtube channel. I've seen a lot of youtubers that use like a photo from that specific video and then adds text or other stuff on it or should one create one from scratch and like not have a photo from that video and...
  18. Emery

    I Need Feedback On My Channel Art And Thumbnails

    Let me know. If you saw one of my videos in your recommended videos, would you watch it? also, what do yall think about my channel background? (I moved this to the right section because of my stupidness)
  19. AoiZasso

    Services Graphics for shoutouts

    I'm offering high-quality graphics (Thumbnails, Banners, etc.) in exchange for shoutouts. If you're interested contact me on Skype: dubstepandbears. Here's some examples of my work:
  20. NatalieBrownSings

    How do I create great Titles and Thumbnails

    Hi YTTalkers! I have been doing some reading that says Titles and Thumbnails are super important to captivate a viewer to click and view. Now, I know a lot of people use click bait such as a slightly misleading title or the gratuitous booby picture or sexy image for click bait. I have a...
  21. dopeglam

    Thumbnail help please

    Hey guys I was wondering what do you use other than photo shop ( give me free places) to do thumbnails now when I day thumbnails you could look at mine they aren't super bad but I want to know how to make them like me cut out of a pic then copied on a background if you don't know what I mean...
  22. TheDragonking564

    Unsure What I Should Do to Effectively Brand Myself...

    Hey Guys, Recently, I have been looking at my channel and have been unsure if the way I am branding my channel on the main page and in general has been effective or conveys the channel I run. I run a gaming/review channel where I play Anime and Horror Games, and review Anime. However...
  23. MapleStream

    Request [Free] Looking for a thumbnail template for Stardew Valley

    Hey there, Ray here! I'm looking for a thumbnail template for Stardew Valley. The one I'm currently using looks very flat. So if anyone could help me that would be great. Sadly I can't pay anyone because I'm broke af :( I also don't have PhotoShop so if you could send me a blank template and the...
  24. Pat Simmons

    Which type of Thumbnail is better for a Let's Player?

    Please read the entire article Is a live frame from each video better? or is the more artistic kind better? i.e. This: Versus This: And I mean as the background for the text and other overlays one uses. What I'm looking for is what draws people in the most, not how easy one is to work with...
  25. W

    Request [Free] looking for thumbnail art for a whole series of Undertale

    Looking for Undertale fan who has played the game and knows how good the game is if .I am doing all the endings so its going to be more than 20 videos Which means more than 20 thumbnails Since I suck at making thumbnails it would be great if some one would help me out . If any one is interested...
  26. D

    Request [FREE] Thumbnails for my Youtube Channel

    I have a youtube channel that only livestreams various games such as TF2 and League of Legends. I don't really upload but the livestreams upload to my channel, so they count as videos. I ask anyone to make only one thumbnail I could use for all my uploads. Just one. Channel: Duck_head_man...
  27. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Cheap Thumbnails, Banners, Logos ( √ )

    I inserted examples of my work it should be under this text after the examples you can see all the info and the FAQ section! :D make sure to check out all the pictures I can do many more other styles I have not uploaded close to the amount of styles I have done make sure to read below ! add me...
  28. Deanishes

    Changing a video title?

    Hiya, I've been contemplating going back and fixing some of my titles, adding some keywords and just making the presentation better title/thumbnail wise. I was wondering what the repercussions of doing this would be? Does it affect anything to do with the search results or how people are able...
  29. Redberd36


    Hey everyone, I'm Redberd36. I've been making thumbnails for quite some time now, and they have been my favorite thing to do for a video. So here's a little run down of my most favorite works. All of my work will be done in English. Here's way I'm conducting business - You have to be able to...
  30. Razz_

    How To Make Amazing Thumbnails! :)

    hey peeps Razzo here, someone requested a tutorial on how to make thumbnails and here it is for anyone in the forums. i don't know everything far from it but i do believe i can show some of you a few trick you may not have known about. if you have any feed back or any advice feel free to...