1. MakaylaLynnB

    I will edit your videos if you need help. FREE

    Hey everyone, so I have a bit of free time on my hands so if anyone wants me to edit their videos, email me at: and we can talk. I will also make your thumbnails for you. I will do it for free until you can make a steady income. I take adobe certification classes, so I am...

    What are thumbnails to you?

    So me personally I enjoy making the thumbnail more than creating the video! I spend so much time in them and that's not necessarly editing them it's thinking of weird and wacky ways to just make them look hilarious or I hope they are. I try to make them as eye catching as possible and the way I...
  3. Derrick Toys

    Thumbnail Challenge

    PicMonkey vs Photoshop. What do you use to get awesome thumbnails? Kids channels need bright eye catching thumbnails. Using PicMonkey now and I feel images are over saturated not as clear as I like. Any suggestions / tips how to get clear & colorful images? Photoshop was tricky to do...
  4. Derrick Toys

    Tricky Thumbnails!

    Having a challenge picking thumbnails for our videos. Do colorful backgrounds work better than a park scene? Our videos are mostly outdoors of my kids with toys. I know they're important so what do you think of my current thumbnails that I can improve, lighting/color etc? Also, any suggestions...
  5. CatTagz

    How To Create Awesome Thumbnails For Free!!

    So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99%...
  6. Queeningdaily365

    I make awsome thumbnails already

    I did graphics before youtube, what other branding improvements is a must for a growing audience, besides thumbnails?
  7. Crackle

    Gonna Make a Thumbnail Tutorial, What Would You Like to See?

    I'm planning on making a youtube thumbnail tutorial. Nothing "cookie-cutter", as I want to bring real design concepts and ideas that'll help youtubers design future thumbnails on their own by making their own design choices and judgements. My question is, are there any questions you guys have...
  8. Inturn

    Services Affordable Thumbnails, Profile Pictures Etc.

    Hey, guys, Inturn here. Im an irish video maker, who enjoys learning new skills. One of the new skills I learned was graphic design. Examples of my works are as follow: Price: This can be talked about in private. If you're stuck for money, and can only afford a small amount, still...
  9. mrparty

    What is some good, free image editing software?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is any good image editing software that any of you may know of. I'd like to be making some better thumbnails and channel art, but ms paint doesn't quite do the trick (as you can see from my existing thumbnails). Thanks!
  10. AM2PM

    Updated some Thumbnails - Feedback please!!

    Hey guys, I've gone and changed the Thumbnail for a few of my videos. I wanted it to look a little more polished. What do you think? You can see the old here: New ones: I've removed the number system for the comps. I figure they can still be in the description and title, but no need to...
  11. Rickeeper

    HELP ME! Where can I get better? What I am doing wrong?!

    Hello Guys! Thank for coming by to read my thread! So I still feel a bit insure about: - Logo - Channel Art/Banner - Thumbnails What can I improve and how can i improve? Thanks for helping me!
  12. TheRichPlaysG

    Services I can do thumbnails for youtube , banners , icons for youtube channel and more

    Hey there! if you are looking for someone to do channel art for youtube you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what can I do I can make banners channel icons thumbnails but no intros or outros. The price for my art is not free. To purchase my art you will need paypal. The price...
  13. M

    Does My Channel Look Professional?

    Dear all, I just downloaded Photoshop again and decided to recreate my channel design and I was wondering if my channel banner/avatar look professional with my thumbnails. Would you be more inclined to sub? Do they complement my thumbnails? Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CELLUS
  14. CodeSly

    Thumbnails Tutorial and Paid Requests!

    Hey guys WHAT IS GOOD it's YO BOI. Sly. Today I'm asking if you'd like to learn how to make awesome thumbnails for your videos! If you're interested then please respond and let me know though I also do paid requests for thumbnails, intros and banners for like £2 ($2) Here's an example!
  15. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Rate This Thumbnail pls :D

    please comment what you think of this
  16. oxen

    Services Ultra High Quality Youtube Thumbnails. (ALL GAMES)

    I make really cheap high quality thumbnails! Can be made for all Games! Prices are low and affordable They are simaler to thumbnails used by the Sidemen&co. If you need more examples feel free to contact me! Cost - €3.00
  17. Pink Mint

    Lets talk thumbnails baby....

    hey guys what do you think of my thumbnails....honest opinions and give me feedback thank you also i used photoshop to make them :D my channel- pinkmint
  18. Gameoverjack

    Services 2 Proffesional Custom Thumbnails for $1(PayPal)

    Hey! I am GameOverJack and I have 4 years of experience in the whole youtube gfx scene! And also I am the official designers for QualityDarren (27k subs) and ElectricShock (15k subs)! And so as the Title says I have this offer where you pay me $1 through PAYPAL and I can make you 2 thumbnails...
  19. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Professional, Affordable, High Quality Graphics - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos ect -MinixDesignsit-

    MinixDesignsIt -- Affordable, Professional, High Quality Graphics! *Skip if you don't care* Hi guys i'm Minix I have been doing graphics for a wile now, I can't remember how long ago my first sale was but I have defensively improved since and lets just say I was lucky to get a job at graphics...
  20. CasualConstruction

    Services I can make custom thumbnails for free

    Here are a few examples of my thumbnails. I usually make a collage of high quality images, but I am somewhat flexible. All I ask in return is a shoutout to my channel and a link in the description for the videos which I make thumbnails for. Personal message me if you are interested. Comment your...
  21. GeoTechRyan


    Sorry if this has been posted a million times before, but can someone give me advice on creating better thumbnails. As i seem to struggle with creating them.
  22. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I see that a lot of people on this forum struggling with trying to make thumbnails and making the videos that they want to make. So I think that I can really help with my experience on youtube although I am nowhere near the best. So for thumbnails you can use something like pic monkey...
  23. Lizzeelive

    Thumbnail HELP!

    I want to learn to make better, more clickable thumbnails that still tell exactly what my video is about. Can anyone tell me how you make thumbnails? In detail? I really want to learn to do it myself.
  24. Kevin Muldoon

    How Important are Video Thumbnails?

    There's lots of articles advising YouTuber's to upload fantastic thumbnails for each of their videos. This is an area I struggle. I'm great at creating thumbnails so the custom thumbnails I use don't look great. Despite what the experts say, I'm leaning towards not using any. I have noticed...
  25. A

    Services (paid thumbnails $1) I make thumbnails for minecraft

    Just message me and ill show you a preview of my thumbnails . Tell me when you need them done by and what you want it to say .
  26. Isaac Taylor

    Services Intros, Animations, Banners, and more...

    Hello, my name is Isaac and I have 3+ years in motion graphics experience. I make high quality graphics of all kinds for low prices. I specialize in custom intros. I allow my customers to name their price on any custom intro. Every custom intro comes with the option of a free thumbnail. I can...
  27. HyDraid

    Are my Thumbnails attractive?

    Hey, I have my channel for 3 weeks right now :) I have 5 video's on my channel and that gave me 213 subscribers already. I would like some feedback on my channel layout / Thumbnails and maybe my editing ^^
  28. Lizzeelive

    What makes a thumbnail good?

    So, my thumbnails are boring. I know that. I want to know what makes a good thumbnail so I can improve my thumbnails and my channel! So, what is your secret to making thumbnails? Do you put multiple overlays, cool text, lots of color, etc????
  29. k13lock

    Services AWESOME professional eye popping graphics!

    Hey everyone, one of my friends is incredible at making graphics and can fill your thumbnail/profile/banner requests. She has made many for me.
  30. Skyewhy

    Should my thumbnails match?

    Hey! I was wondering what you guys think. Should thumbnails match? would that make the channel look more appealing? I mean, same font, same colors etc. At the moment I feel like my thumbnails are a mess...