Should my thumbnails match?

Should thumbnails match?

  • yes

  • no

  • It looks better but it is not a must.

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Hey! I was wondering what you guys think. Should thumbnails match? would that make the channel look more appealing? I mean, same font, same colors etc. At the moment I feel like my thumbnails are a mess...
The thumbnails look good with variety, the same text and everything, imagine like 20 thumbnails in a row like that. It would make it look rather repetitive. So far I like what you're doing with em
Hi! ^^ I've moved your thread to the Branding and Channel Design forum. =)

I think the most important thing is to keep thumbnails clutter-free but intriguing. No one is going to take time out of their day to grab a magnifying glass and read lots of little text on a thumbnail, but they will click if it looks like a welcoming and interesting picture. ^^ I don't think they need to all match, but they need to be intriguing. =)
idk that cursive you're using in the last 2 thumbnails is not legible for me. The Stuff I bought font is cool, and the very tired makeup video font is good.
Maybe you could make the font bigger for the cursive ones, they are a bit too small to see clearly but they do look nice and gives a nice touch to the thumbnail IMO
When I make my thumbnails (the newer ones, at least, I still need to change the older ones) I make sure that they all of the Color Commentary watermark in the upper right corner for consistency. Other than that I try to have a main picture either on the left or the right and have an interesting text (I always use the same font) on the other side. But that is as far as consistency goes for me. At least for the moment.
If they all had the same colours and fonts it would be boring for the eyes, I think. It's not like Instagram; when you browse a channel, you're looking for a video that stands out to watch first.
I think thumbnails just need one consistent element such as colour palette, font, or placement of the text! Theres heaps of other ways you could do that too. (Don't use my channel as an example hahaha, I need to improve mine!) They don't need to be matchy matchy, as others said it could be a little boring. I'd say you want them to look like they belong together but at the same time not be identical, if that makes sense :p
But your thumbnails look great!