thumbnail design

  1. N

    Text or No text on thumbnails?

    So at work we have been having the debate on whether to use text or not on thumbnails. Seems like the trend for larger channels is to not use them… Thoughts?
  2. thumbnail editor

    Request Thumbnail editor

    click this link which takes you to fiver to get an experienced thumbnail maker, which can make you a thumbnail for only £5;
  3. Deymon

    Thumbnail Feedback // Strategy

    I have quite a dilemma. My current thumbnails just have my "channel" name" on it because of personal branding reasons. Said with other words: It's easier for people to recognize my work. However I believe that will only be beneficial in the near future when I've grown a bigger audience. (not...
  4. Deymon

    Channel Art / Style Review - Video Editing Channel

    Hey, I'm new here so I thought this would be a good place to start as I'm also new on YouTube. Anyway, I'd like my Channel art reviewed (Logo / Banner / Thumbnails). My channel is in an uncommon niche so I guess I can't ask other things.
  5. AllVisuals4U

    Which thumbnail is better?

    Hi there, I'm planning to give my thumbnails an upgrade. I'm pretty happy with the current ones, but i was asking myself or a clean design will attract more viewers. So here's the question: which thumbnail do you like more? The old ones with the red and green stripe along the whole thumbnail or...
  6. RealLink

    Channel Thumbnail / Banner / Logo creator.

    There is a free tool you can use called Canva, all you have to do is sign up and you can make Thumbnails, Banners and Logos using many tools all for Free. Obviously, there are one or two add-ons that will cost you money, however from my experience you don't need them at all. Enjoy!
  7. HeroRareheart

    Need help with GIMP for thumbnail creation.

    I need a little help with GIMP for making thumbnails, and this seems like the most appropriate thread to ask about it. I have a very simple problem, I'm using images from The Binding of Isaac that are intentionally at a low resolution and whenever I scale them up GIMP tries to smooth it out and...
  8. Stike96

    Your One-Stop Guide To Great Branding!

    ***Sorry if someone already made a similar post to this one, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Edit: Oops, I just realised that there's a dedicated branding section in the forum. Don't know how missed that lol. Nevermind, I guess this is still my take on it. *** Hi all! I wanted...
  9. AdmUp

    Text or No Text, that is the question.

    Regarding thumbnails. Do you think it's best to have text over them or just leave them as an image. Most of the time I just add the same words that are in the video title or a small quote. But sometimes when I'm editing, they just look more eye catching. Thing is, I'm planning on having...
  10. Laraknowsyoutubee


    I am willing to make Banners & Thumbnails for free! But here are the rules (i guess) You have to have a youtube channel with minimum 100 subs and you must make a video about my channel. you must put my channel link on top of your description.. Other than that nothing!
  11. Dollebob

    Make Quick Good looking Thumbnails With This Easy Tool/App ! Try it out yourself :)

    Hey if you want to make some quick good looking thumbnail, you should try this tool/app :D Its Fast, Simple, Quick and you can make some really good ones. It aint Photoshop, but can be a great help for those without :) Hope its usefull I cant post link. Thumbnail Generator: You can search...
  12. J

    How do you make a good thumbnail?

    :help:Hi, so I have a gaming channel and I've never been good at making a thumbnail for a video and I'm still having trouble. I wanted to know if there's anything I could use to help make batter thumbnails.
  13. DummyCraft

    Services Really Cheap 3D Graphics(profile picture, channel art, thumbnails)

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check out my post. I make 3D graphics in C4D. My pricing is very cheap, I will give an estimate depending on the time I have to spend making it, and complexity of the project. Contact -
  14. mbherdman


    Just thought I'd share what my favorite apps are to make thumbnails. Typorama has some GREAT fonts. AND IT IS SO EASY TO USE. It does however have a little watermark at the bottom that you can pay to remove or easily hide with a colored border around the photo. And then I use Enlight, also super...
  15. Warhammer

    Services Very High Quality Thumbnails, Banners and Logos!

    Hi all, I am a professional freelance designer and have been working for almost 4 years now. I have been creating designs for many YouTubers and other businesses/big companies. I am extending my services to the people of YTTalk and would love to design for you guys :) However, I charge money...
  16. Derrick Toys

    Thumbnail Challenge

    PicMonkey vs Photoshop. What do you use to get awesome thumbnails? Kids channels need bright eye catching thumbnails. Using PicMonkey now and I feel images are over saturated not as clear as I like. Any suggestions / tips how to get clear & colorful images? Photoshop was tricky to do...
  17. CatTagz

    How To Create Awesome Thumbnails For Free!!

    So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99%...
  18. martingray360

    changing Thumbnails affects YT stats?

    Hey guys, Do you know/think if changing thumbnails affects YT stats in anyway and do you have experience with community reaction? My channel is pretty much game where you find Pokemon in cool places in 360 degree videos. I have 3 difficulty levels, so yesterday I decided to change thumbnails...
  19. PlaidNGlasses

    Does This Thumbnail Catches Your Eye?

    I make all of my thumbnail and im always trying to make something eye catching.
  20. Swecam

    Best summer montage of all time?

    I really put down a lot of work in to this summer montage so please leave your opinions in the comments. And is this video better the my previous summer montages. Cause this one I clearly more divorce with trampoline, longboard, waterskiing and sailing. And do you guys have any thoughts on...
  21. C

    Request in need of a video thumbnail, could you help?

    i'm in need of a video thumbnail for a video i just made and was hoping for a high quality thumbnail but unfortunately i don't have photoshop so i am in need of your help! the video is featuring dory vs Anakin so i was hoping for the image to include both dory and clone wars anakin in the...
  22. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  23. T

    Request Need Some Quality Channel Art For My Mate!

    Hey everybody I am a new Youtuber who has been doing it for a month and has about 145 subscribers. My friend wants to follow up this by making his own channel and I would like somebody to make some quality channel art for him. Thanks everybody I would really appreciate if you would help out...
  24. Skyewhy

    Should my thumbnails match?

    Hey! I was wondering what you guys think. Should thumbnails match? would that make the channel look more appealing? I mean, same font, same colors etc. At the moment I feel like my thumbnails are a mess...
  25. The Clark Knight

    Thumbnail Text

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys prefer to put text in the thumbnail or leave it just the picture? I always thought text was beneficial because it can give the viewer even more of a reason to click the video, but all of my most viewed videos have no words in the thumbnails. What's everyone's...
  26. injusticeexpert7

    Services Thumbnails for all youtube channels and very quick service unless something come up

    here is some of my work from one of the people I make thumbnails for and I can make them for free but donations through yt cash will be greatly appreciated if you become a regular it is just £2 every 3 weeks
  27. TheZombieHunter23

    Request (Free) I was wondering if you could make me a thumbnail for a video!

    I was wondering if you guys could make me a thumbnail for free! It would be for a roblox video! I will also give you a shout if you have a channel! Thank you!
  28. MZ-101

    Request Need Help on my thumbnail design.

    I WANT IT SIMPLE If you go to my channel you can see the Logo and Header are designed to be simple and kind of modern. That's what I want for my Thumbnails. I feel as my Thumbnails have been less than stellar lately and I would like anyone whose got any experience in graphic design to give my...