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PicMonkey vs Photoshop. What do you use to get awesome thumbnails?

Kids channels need bright eye catching thumbnails. Using PicMonkey now and I feel images are over saturated not as clear as I like. Any suggestions / tips how to get clear & colorful images?

Photoshop was tricky to do with layers but PicMonkey doesn't have auto background eraser like photoshop does.
Theres a free download somewhere of a 10 year old version of photoshop. Meant for people who already bought it. Also there should be sellers online of old cd versions. You dont really need the latest and greatest version unless youre s professional graphic designer maybe. Ive previously found brand new cds online of old older versions of ms office. Worked well enough for me. Not sure if they are still readily sold like they used to be.
I use gimp. There is a learning curve to it, but i like it. I think my thumbnails come out pretty good now that i've learned how to use it. Gimp is free and there are a lot of tutorials on youtube to help you learn.