Request in need of a video thumbnail, could you help?

i'm in need of a video thumbnail for a video i just made and was hoping for a high quality thumbnail but unfortunately i don't have photoshop so i am in need of your help! the video is featuring dory vs Anakin so i was hoping for the image to include both dory and clone wars anakin in the foreground close up next to each other with a kinda of space background. See this thumbnail made by 'epic rap battles of history' for a reference but obviously it has clone wars anakin dory and space background. Nothing to complicated just clearly shows Anakin and Dory (finding dory). I can't give much in return but will credit the maker in the description.

P.S I need it ASAP but it shouldn't take too long! just a case of basic photoshop.

Thanks so much in advance!


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I'm too busy this week to make another thumbnail but if the issue is that you can't afford photoshop, use gimp. I use gimp and it works just like photoshop and it's free.
Kinda feel bad cause there's not a whole lot to it, but something like this?
Did you want a sort of "VS" line between them? Any text? Different background?


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Dude! That's looking awesome Yeah a vs line could jazz it up a bit! I'll give you permission to experiment with background to whatever looks good, Good idea can't wait!
Not sure on the colors, but how's something like this?


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Hey! ill help you, I've helped alot of other creators with channel art so ALWAYS happy to help just message me on instagram ( Rxchel_Stxwart) or reply hope i can help :)