1. R

    Request Free tumbnails

    I need someone who can make me thumbnails for my gaming channel
  2. LuCyan

    Services Cheap Graphics - GFX,Thumbnails

    A GFX will be done in 24 hours max. - GFX = $1 Make sure to reply to this thread if you are interested.
  3. Suprex

    Request I need help with a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail!

    I need someone skilled with GFX or just making Thumbnails to make me a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail that stands out.. I would pay if i had a credit card but if you are willing to make this for me and possibly help me with future Thumbnails then i will give you shoutouts and once i get a credit...
  4. TheRealKCG


    Hello every one i make Graphics for Social Media I have a few examples like this These are just examples of what i do get down to finishing in Photoshop CS6 if you guys would like to purchase one of these types of thumbnails they all cost $5 or £5 for each style of Thumbnail if you would...
  5. Blerim

    Which thumbnail do you like better

    Hi Everyone I really need some feedback which thumbnail should I use going forward on my channel I want to have consistency on my channel. If you don't like any of the thumbnails please let me know I need to know Thank you I greatly appreciate your help.
  6. Bennett's Playtime

    Would your kid click on my thumbnails?

    My channel is really aimed at the under 6 crowd. I have older thumbnails with thicker colorful borders, but I started going with thinner borders on my new videos. Obviously, I would click on them :-) But I'm really curious if they're eye-catching to kids. Thanks!
  7. Noah Richardson

    Services [Free] Avatars, Banners, Intros, and More!

    You can check out my intro playlist here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send me an email at...
  8. Sladee

    Services $1 Thumbnails 1st One's FREE!

    Hey guys, doing some graphics to make some money to fund my YouTube channel. My Twitter is @JasonSupremee Please contact me there if you want a thumbnail made. Don't restrict yourself to the types of thumbnails displayed below as I am pretty versatile with my designs. Hope we can make something...
  9. SmokeySpace

    How To Create Better And Gain More Exposure On Your Videos!

    In this guid I am going to give you guys advice on creating and gaining for exposure (more views + subscribers) on your channel. I am a gaming channel but these tips will go out to everyone, good luck and I hope this helps :D First let me introduce myself, like I said I run a gaming channel...
  10. BinateGaming

    Services [FREE] YouTube Thumbnails!

    ** Anyone who would like a thumbnail for their YouTube video, they must essentially place the following in their video description or give a shout out in the video by text or commentary. Thumbnail Artist: BinateGaming: (link of my YouTube channel. Can be found at the bottom of this thread) It...
  11. JayPlaysOfficial

    How Do My Thumbnails Look?

    Hey everyone! my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome! I have come here to ask your guys opinion on my new thumbnail designs to my gaming videos, i used to use panzoid which is a very basic thumbnail editor and then i got photoshop to try and up my design, now i spend roughly 45 mins to 1 hour...
  12. H

    fastest and Easiest way to make Thumbnails

    After some search, I found that having thumbnails for your video is quite important to get more views. I wonder if there is a quick and easy way to make thumbnails. I own a game first look youtube channel. Do I do thumbnail for each video? what are your suggestions? btw, method better be free
  13. ToxinStorm

    Request Hey Im looking for someone to make me Thumbnails on YT (For shoutouts on my Videos & Streams!)

    Intro - Hello there, I am here to find someone who can make me High Quality Thumbnails and other types of GFX in the future. The thumbnails are very simple, but I do want them to stand out. I am unable to do it that's why I need someone skilled. Compensation - $5 per thumbnail & Shoutouts in my...
  14. T

    Finished/Closed [closed] making thumbnails for free if you guys are interested

    feel like making some thumbnails for free not a master at this by any means, but thought it might be of some use to all of you just send me a message and ill see what i can do
  15. Red Queen Effect

    Changes to Upload System?

    Has anybody else noticed changes to the way videos are uploaded in the last few days? I can no longer do certain things like add my custom thumbnail while the video is uploading, I must wait until after it had started processing...BUT my videos now get stuck at '0% processing' and often don't...
  16. Derrick Toys

    What is best editing for thumbnails?

    Help! I'm resulting with grainy thumbnails and can't figure how to get the crisp HD quality pictures I so long for. I choose thumbnails from a still imagine while editing (it's a mission to get toddlers still for a photo) hehe Perhaps this is where I go wrong? Would appreciate any...
  17. vMinti

    Banner / thumbnails / avatar

    Hello there (: I'd really like the whole design of my channel to catch viewer's eye. I don't know if I'm doing the things right to achieve that, though. So I'd really like to hear your opinions about these aspects. Thanks in advance
  18. BigBryanGames

    What's the best type of font to use for a Thumbnail to draw attention?

    I know clickbait (God, I hate that word) pretty much helps drive attention to your videos and channel. A lot of thumbnails I see have very engaging content. But some also have text that stands out. Is there a font any of you use on thumbnails that you feel really grabs attention? A type of font...
  19. WinYourLife

    Are my thumbnails bad?

    Hello guys, on 5 of my 7 thumbnails I put the title, but on 2 I didn't . Could you have a look at them and at the video and tell me please if it is right for the video or not? Thank you for your time! My last video: ->
  20. S

    Emoji In Thumbnails?

    I've lately noticed a trend (at least with Finnish Youtubers) that they are using emoji in their thumbnails. So they have the usual "good" thumbnail, some text on it, then an emoji or three and the video title in all caps. Have you noticed the same and what's your take on setting the videos up...
  21. JayMasher

    Services Cheap High Quality GFX!

    Fairly Priced High Quality GFX ----------------------------- We Offer High Quality Fairly priced Graphics Made By Our Best Designers Youtube Channel Art Banner! : £5.00 Logo! : £5.00 Thumbnail! : £1.00 (Per Thumbnail) Outro! : £3.50 Intro! : £6.50 -----------------------------------------------...
  22. AdmUp

    Text or No Text, that is the question.

    Regarding thumbnails. Do you think it's best to have text over them or just leave them as an image. Most of the time I just add the same words that are in the video title or a small quote. But sometimes when I'm editing, they just look more eye catching. Thing is, I'm planning on having...
  23. Alexander Nedelchev

    What fits me the most ?

    Hello, friends! As you can see by the thread's name I am wondering what profile picture in youtube fits me the most? If you have checked my channel you would see it's with dark channel art and the thumbnails of the videos are mostly light ( This won't change, I have personal thinking over that...
  24. Artekis


    I am just a bored student looking to make some Channel banners as well as thumbnails and maybe even a facebook or twitter banner as well if wanted. I am no professional but I feel like I do a decent job at making the banners and such. I have made a few already for others and myself. I hope you...
  25. tehSpaceChase

    Great Fonts for Thumbnails?!

    Guys, what fonts are you using when you make your Thumbnails? I've been playing around with a few (Flatbrush in FinalCut), but I'm moving my Thumbnail creation over to Photoshop. I'm a huge simpleton with art sensibilities, but I want my thumbnails to look good - and traditionally keep using...
  26. SomethingIDontKnow_

    Services Creating Channels Banners/Icons

    Hey there! I'm SomethingIDontKnow and you can check my profile for the background information. Basically, if anybody wants a fairly simple but nice looking (in my opinion) channel banner or icon, just message me. It's for free, I'd just like a little shout out for my channel. Some examples:
  27. Omair

    Services High Quality - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos for YouTube Channels [$5-$10]

    hey, My name is Masab and I do GFX. I can make you HD and PRO Thumbnails., Banner and Logos. Here is some of my work!
  28. Baylze

    Should I Use Thumbnail Templates?

    Hey, I have a gaming channel, and this is my current thumbnail design: I kind of went with a really vibrant, colourful theme, and tried to incorporate the following stuff: Large, cartoon text in clear colours A render (character, usually) from the game I'm playing Background of the thumbnail...
  29. mbherdman


    Just thought I'd share what my favorite apps are to make thumbnails. Typorama has some GREAT fonts. AND IT IS SO EASY TO USE. It does however have a little watermark at the bottom that you can pay to remove or easily hide with a colored border around the photo. And then I use Enlight, also super...
  30. Night_Terrors

    Thumbnail size changes on YouTube search results page

    Thumbnail size changed on the YouTube search results page. It's bigger now. Never counted the first page of results before, but now, there's only 20 videos on page one. And the first TWO of those listings are advertisements!