Great Fonts for Thumbnails?!

Guys, what fonts are you using when you make your Thumbnails? I've been playing around with a few (Flatbrush in FinalCut), but I'm moving my Thumbnail creation over to Photoshop.

I'm a huge simpleton with art sensibilities, but I want my thumbnails to look good - and traditionally keep using the same font, so there will be consistency throughout the videos/brand. What are you best tips and practices for fonts, and your favorite ones to use?
You want your fonts to be readable and they need to stand out from the graphic behind them! At first i used to forget these where going to be a small square in a page filled with other squares trying to call people's attention. Visualize and be creative! I think that is the way to go!
Personally for the font i would use IMPACT because it stands out a lot. its easy for a person to see and read.
I have been using a font called overhaul, I like it it is a little grungy looking but I am looking at other ones to see whats out there.
I use a range of different fonts my best advice is just to play around and try almost every font lol I know it sounds crazy but how are you gonna know unless you try it??
A good spot to look at fonts is over at DaFont. You can set up your preview phrase to see what it will look like
The stock standard is impact, it's just always wise to remember about color, stick with black or white, especially if you are going to have a busy background because that won't show up well especially on mobile devices.