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Help! I'm resulting with grainy thumbnails and can't figure how to get the crisp HD quality pictures I so long for. I choose thumbnails from a still imagine while editing (it's a mission to get toddlers still for a photo) hehe
Perhaps this is where I go wrong?

Would appreciate any tips/tricks how to get sharp, vibrant HD pictures and what camera is best for vlogging? Thx!
Grain isn't a huge issue for thumbnails since they're incredibly small, but here's some factors that affect grain:

Video resolution (cropping too much will hurt the quality)
Lighting (darker video/images are more grainy)
ISO (higher ISO creates grainier images)

Looking at your thumbnails, there isn't much noticeable grain, so you should be fine.
Your thumbnails look pretty good to me in my opinion.
I generally keep my thumbnails at 1280 x 720 pixels per inch and edit them in Photoshop. There I can increase the vibrance, saturation and brightness and contrast. Which really help make a thumbnail pop with color.

Hope that helps. =]
For me personally,Photoshop is great tool to try out.Keeping the res at 1280x720 is also something to keep in mind.
Your thumbnails look just fine to me. Everybody is there own biggest critic so that's probably why you feel like there granny. But if you don't want to pay for photoshop and you want a really good program for free GIMP is great. It's what I use and it's just like photoshop just minor differences. Also, there are plugins you can get for GIMP for free to make it exactly like photoshop if you wish.
I use picmonkey for all mine! They have several easy fixes and tools and such! Photoshop is just way to intense for me haha.. I also agree though, your thumbnails look vibrant to me!
i used to use panzoid when i first started youtube because it was fast and easy but now i have moved to using photoshop and decided to put a bit more time into creating my thumbnails for better quality