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  1. R

    Ads Doesn't Count As Watch Hours, What To Do ?

    So i have a kid channel marked as child channel, i have 2k subscribers, and i'm uploading 5 video at a day, all of them are my creations. I did some ads to promote my channel but my public watch hours only 182 hours because of ads won't count as public watch hours. How can i exceed 4000 hours...
  2. Jitter Flicks

    Weight loss journey | Walk at the park | Intermittent fasting

    We had a blast today. Thank you all for being there. You guys made our Friday. #friends #love #suport #youtubers #family #MiamiVloggers #FloridaYoutubers Weight loss journey | Walk at the park | Intermittent fasting
  3. Derrick Toys

    Youtube Kids REMOVE Paid Placements

    Wondering if YouTube removes videos with name brand logo on clothing?
  4. 3kidstv

    How to play UNO Stacko - kids games to play

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks
  5. 3kidstv

    Kids At Night Fun Fair Theme Park

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  6. L.A. Vloggers


    Our 4 year old son gets on Guardians of the Galaxy: MISSION - breakout in Disney CA adventure.
  7. Derrick Toys

    What is best editing for thumbnails?

    Help! I'm resulting with grainy thumbnails and can't figure how to get the crisp HD quality pictures I so long for. I choose thumbnails from a still imagine while editing (it's a mission to get toddlers still for a photo) hehe Perhaps this is where I go wrong? Would appreciate any...
  8. Cooliits HR

    Kids channel struggling & art of good seo, keywords & thumbnails.

    Hello everyone. We are a kids channel and we have this channel for almost 2 years now. The sad thing is we're still struggling to grow. We've done challenges, egg surprises, unboxings (mostly Lego) but nothing seems to click. We've tried adwords but to no avail. Few hundreds views but nothing...
  9. Priscila

    200 Subscribers in 2 months!!

    We've reached 200 subscribers in 2 months! I don't know if this is fast but I thought we would be growing slower than this, maybe 50 subs in 2 months! :) I am super happy that we are growing and Troy, my 5-year-old old is super excited because he wants to reach 1K subscribers. I told him that it...
  10. C

    I happy for my first 100 subscribers

    My name's Christian and I'm a baby youtuber. Yesterday I reached my first 100 subscribers to my toys channel on youtube. I'm very happy and I hope to grow and become famous on youtube.
  11. Derrick Toys

    What Do You Think??

    Looking for new ideas / tips to improve my kids channel. This is our latest video - would appreciate your helpful advice, thanks! What do you think about thumbnail, title, video length etc.?
  12. Derrick Toys

    Advice for new channel

    Is it a good idea to combine girls and boy toys all in one channel or keep them separate? As it's easier to manage one channel vs two, I wonder if combing such broad niche of toys will confuse algorithm.