What software to use


I've Got It
Hi there, I currently use Canva to produce my thumbnails and banners, but would like to know what everyone else uses and what they feel is the best option for producing the most professional looking graphics.
For thumbnails I use MS PAINT, MS POWERPOINT AND PHOTOSHOP! I draw design in MS PAINT, take borders and text from powerpoint and put cool effects through Photoshop
Thumbnails: Photoshop
Editing: Adobe Premiere
Audio Fix: Adobe Audition

Since 3 individual licenses cost more than the entire suite I have other programs I could use too. Like after effects... But, I have had no reason to add visual effects of that magnitude to my videos. Perhaps I'll play with lightsabers again. I still think I can rotoscope... Hahaha!
I use strictly the Adobe suite. My job pays for my subscriptions/upgrades but I believe all of them together in CC cost $20/mo.
I make 4K videos and all of my editing and graphics work originate from Final Cut Pro X. One-time purchase (unlike Adobe's subscription model which costs a lot more if you aren't in the US) and the learning curve is relatively gradual -- plus there are tons of tutorials kicking around online.
I just switched over to GIMP since what I was using before turned into a paid membership only thing! GIMP is really nice since it's basically a poor mans photoshop and a lot of people have tutorials posted if you need help figuring your way around or help doing something in GIMP! It's just as nice as photoshop and can do a lot more than online programs imo!