1. G

    Can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download facebook videos using a software ????

    Hell guys A question : can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download Facebook videos using a paid software " ?? I see a lot of videos in YouTube about that , is that illegal or not ??? Thank you :)
  2. LandyVlad

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021 Context ‘Back in the day’ when people were looking for a professional, feature-rich video editing solution there was really only one answer on everyone’s lips “Adobe Premiere”. Fortunately since then things have changed for the better. There are a lot...
  3. H

    How to add in/out fade animation to all images/video layers at once ?

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, forgive me if i posted in a wrong section or if my question is a silly one. I create videos by joining images .Currently i am using kinemaster where i add a background, then add all the images as layers and give them in and out animations (fade) to make the...
  4. oti4500

    Can I live streaming with H265/HEVC encoding?

    Hello. Has anyone tried to livestreaming with HEVC encoding to YT (or any platform)? If yes and possible, what tool (e.g software or hardware) to use? Because in the OBS is just H.264/AVC encoding available, and I started to wonder why?
  5. V

    Voice Changing Female to Male

    Heya, so I'm completely new to this whole thing, YouTube, this site etc. Except for a few years ago when I tried my first hand at uploading Let's Plays. It was a couple cringey episodes of Bioshock but I didn't upload anything else past those videos. The major reason why I stopped was my voice...
  6. EpicCrusher

    Any thoughts about iMovie?

    I'm considering using iMovie editor software and wondering if anyone has experience with this? Good or bad experiences? In my case, I think I do not need a very expensive editor software. I will just edit/cut video where I crushing things and add some music. Thanks for all opinions!
  7. Stata Training School

    Screen recording

    What software is everyone using for screen recording?
  8. darksmokeyt

    Opinion on iMovie?

    Just curious. Lots of people tell me that iMovie is terrible for editing YouTube videos, but I'd like to see the different opinions on here.
  9. mumblez207

    OBS Streaming help

    Hello everyone I have been trying to work with OBS to stream and I have a weird lag situation and want to try to figure this out. So my game itself will be running fine but it will be lagging in the OBS window I have on my other monitor. Any ideas what this could be weather it's hardware or...
  10. Rumi Fog

    How to make "coloring page" video

    Hello friends, can you tell me which software use to make coloring page video easily? Thank you.
  11. SaRNEh

    Software for YouTube Creators - Need contribution!

    Hello everyone! :) I'd like to create software for YouTube Creators to make it simple to manage all your YouTube activities in one place. So, my idea is... what if all the functionalities from YouTube + additional features like those from TubeBuddy or VidIQ would be in one place? I found it...
  12. RetroMania

    So I wanna make a compilation video...

    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber and I just started a retro gaming channel, and I really wanna make a compilation video with the "best moments" of my gameplays. I've got Sony Vegas 15 and it's great for editing so far but I get a lot of lag in my preview screen while I'm looking at the video...
  13. MrYorkiesWorld

    Best VPN Service 2017 | What VPN Should I Use?

    Hey guys! In this video, I’ll show you a handy and cheap VPN that you can use to privatize what you do online. There are many reasons why you might need a VPN service. Whether you are trying to keep your data and traffic concealed from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider or from...
  14. Diversified Unison

    Pitch and Auto tuning plugins

    Hi!! I'm not a big fan of auto tuning but I think I'm to the point that I have to use it for one of my artist. I'm currently using Cubase and all the plugins that come with it. What type of plugins you are using? Need some suggestion. I want to try third party plugins but not sure what should I...
  15. SeanFace101

    Anyone using the Lightworks Video Editor?

    Is anyone here using or has anyone here ever used the video editing software called Lightworks? I just downloaded it there and im having a look about it, not sure about it lol. :P What do youse think about it?
  16. Heizenblog

    What software to use

    Hi there, I currently use Canva to produce my thumbnails and banners, but would like to know what everyone else uses and what they feel is the best option for producing the most professional looking graphics.
  17. KidArt Buddy

    What software using in this video ?

    Hello, guys. I am watching this video and in this video they drawing automatically. Anyone knows what software are they using in this video :youtube. com/watch?v=uS-LgOaq2sE
  18. Quirkypoo

    Video Editing Software

    Hey there, I've been looking around for some low budget editing software. I've been using lightworks and I've got really comfortable with using it, however, I feel like I could do with something that has a bit more "oomf". Such as like better FX's and if I could get something where the...
  19. IGotTheMeats

    Best Free Video Editing Software?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a software that can splice together clips, audio, and export to a youtube supported format. I'm really looking for the best free software out there. I'm running on windows 10 which means they got rid of movie maker. Movie maker is really all I need (and before I get...
  20. TheLegendaryUltimata

    Best advice for upcoming YouTubers

    Hey, Guys! It has been a while since I posted or uploaded a video for that matter. Mostly because the PC I was using to record broke and I just have got to fix it. I thought I would share some tip on how to make better content on YouTube. Lightworks: Lightworks is a free editing software that...
  21. F

    Advice on recording for an unusual setup.

    Hi I wanted to start recording some game play and commentary videos but all the free software for recording seems to either corrupt or straight not work properly with my set up. I've got a Lenovo Y50 as my desktop since I don't have a full desktop. And I have this HDMI wired to my 36 inch TV as...
  22. The Unwanted Letter

    Can a gtx 1050ti run davinci resolve

    Know resolve sucks power off gpu, want to edit at 1080p no advance colour grading, can the 1050ti handle this?
  23. ChaseocavoTYtalk

    Getting started let's playing

    hello everyone I'm new here but I've better doing Let'sPlays on YouTube for a while now and I thought I would share some knowledge to help some new people get started. 1. First, you're going to need a decent computer. you could probably get way without out a good computer if you're going to...
  24. J

    Anyone use a screen capture software that is not OBS?

    So I know my laptop isn't the best, but I can't seem to get OBS to actually film a video that doesn't freeze every 5 seconds. Anyway, this isn't about OBS, it's about what everyone else uses the capture their screen! I don't need anything fancy, just something free that can record a browser (and...
  25. Sbrininger

    Equipment/software for a 9 year old??

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  26. Sbrininger

    Equipment & software suggestions for 9 year old?

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  27. The Unwanted Letter

    To Hitfilm Or Not to Hitfilm

    So i'm deciding on a new editing software and i've been looking at hitfilm 4 pro and it has a lot of features but the effects mash up i've seen on youtube have a lot of well...gimmicky effects in my opnion that could just be the person who is using the software idek, but my question is Can this...
  28. F

    Other Collaboration for a Tech Video

    Hey guys , i am growing on youtube and i want to make a collaboration video with someone who is interested in Tech or gaming for a collab of some sort. Text me if you're interested. Open to all ideas ! If you'd like to look my channel then type this UCcK8TjJZUNraou4jurQwNcA after...
  29. KingleBricks

    software on a buget

    I use the free davinci resolve as my main software i know they're are better softwares out there but for me the software does just what i need it to do since i don't have a lot of over the top editing/animation in my video. If you are just looking for a basic easy and fun to use software davinci...
  30. SeanFace101

    What is a good video editor with the following? ...

    What is a good Video Editing Software that has the following things? .... Supports videos recorded from my iPhone. Does Not put watermarks over the finished video. Can add multiple layers on videos. Good selections of transitions, etc.. Thanks! :P