1. mideko

    What is the best rendering settings for Wondershare Filmora?

    Hello! I need help with rendering settings for Wondershare Filmora. For some reason, Whenever I render videos in Wondershare Filmora then upload them on Youtube. A message shows up on the left side saying....**videos would upload faster if you have the right settings for your video.** How can I...
  2. kevsup

    What you think when editing your own videos

  3. Jorpheus

    Good editing software for gaming??

    Hey guys, i recently started creating youtube videos using the elgato but the editing software doesnt do much. I'd like to know if there's a cheap software that is better for gaming channels?
  4. Caroll

    Microphone & Recording Software Questions

    HEY GUYS! Microphone Question: I wanna do some laid back gaming videos, and I was looking for a cheap mic because I'm on an extreme budget. I was wondering if the mic that I'm considering would be at least half decent for some silly fun gaming videos. It's a: Insten 3.5mm Studio Professional...
  5. Cole James Anderson

    Best Editing Softwares

    Best Free: (in order, best to worst) Hitfilm Camtasia Windows Movie Maker (or) iMovie Best Paid: (in order, best to worst) Adobe Premiere (Ver. CS5+) Final Cut Pro+ Sony Vegas Pro 11+ Personally, I use Sony Vegas Pro 12. It works like a beauty and has failed me very few times in the four...
  6. Chris and Nima

    I'm using window media maker, help!!

    I am currently using free software to make videos is it really worth the money to purchase software? If so what is the best for the price? Sorry I'm really new at this and don't want to spend tons of money trying different ones out. Thanks for your time.
  7. WillDP

    Good software for intros

    So I feel like my channel is missing an intro, so I would like to make one. I want to make a simple quick non 3D intro and I don't know what software to use. Do you guys have any suggestions? (preferably free software)
  8. JellyCupsCatchup

    Video and audio software for the "budget inclined"

    Sup guys, as you can see I'm starting this forum to share and talk about video and audio editing software for those of us who doesn't have money to spare on "professional" video and audio editing software. I'm currently using: For audio, Audacity since its free, pretty damn powerful and super...
  9. The Enterprise

    How to Increase Audio Quality?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on YTtalk! Almost two weeks ago I released my first video on my channel, The Enterprise, and, among other things that need improvement, audio quality is lacking in my opinion. How would I go about making my audio sound more professional? My setup is a...
  10. nicola dixon

    screen capture problems (HELP)

    hey every one im currently having trouble with my screen capture program (shadow play) it started off working perfectly i was really pleased with it now all of a sudden it wont record sound i haven't changed any settings or got a new mic i was just wondering if anybody has encountered the same...
  11. vspecialistv

    What is the best editing software for gamers?

    Hi guys, I wanted to know what is the best editing software for gaming videos? I currently Lightworks, and its ok but it doesn't have many features to help editing. I want to do awesome montages, funny collaboration video with funny images and things, but Lightworks makes it difficult to do...
  12. Pierre Maynard

    I can't find a good and simple video editing software!

    So for the past week i have been trying really hard to find a good and easy video editing software, And i can't find nothing. I've already used Sony Vegas pro loved that software but, The trial has expired and i still have 2 projects to do. I have tried everything! i downloaded final cut pro x...
  13. O

    Good video editing software answer here

    So I have been experimenting with editing software and I think I have found two good ones. If you don't feel like paying for a software use Lightworks. If you got the money use Sony vegas. These two are basically the same just the free one might have some down grades but i haven't found them...
  14. Ans Marie

    Editing Software?

    What is the best software to get that's not too expensive? I already know about Premiere Pro and Final Cut. I currently use iMovie which is fine but I'd like to upgrade.
  15. WillDP

    Is there any good free software for making thumbnails?

    I currently use which is ok but I really feel like I could be making better thumbnails. Any suggestions?
  16. Pierre Maynard

    Any good editing software out there?

    Hello im Pierre, :) and i need your help. Im trying to look for a good quality editing software video like, Sony Vegas pro because I am making gaming videos now and they are long! So i would just like to know some suggestions on what other editing software's are there. Any suggestions people! :)
  17. FraYoshi

    Live workin' on an animation

    It is a very low resolution live and without audio because of my internet speed.. But hope you come visitin' me sometime... I'll have a long work session ^^
  18. CaptainDelugo

    Good autotune software?

    Ahoy everybody! I am already busy with my Christmas special but I am gonna sing in it, but there's only problem. I can't sing at all and was hoping that some autotune could help me out :D Does anyone here know good software for a proper autotune? Thanks in advance!
  19. Halfrican

    Amazing FREE video editing software!

    Hey there! Im The Halfrican and I just started YouTube! like most of you I wanted to be able to make awesome videos that I could do for FREE! well here is my secret! Its an awesome Program called "Hitfilm 3 Express" and you can google the name and find the website where you can download it for...
  20. Christiney92

    Screen Recording

    Does anyone know of a good software (preferably cheap - FREE even more preferably!!) that does screen recording? At the moment I'm using Quicktime to record my Let's Play stuff etc - but it's kinda crappy because it records in 60 frames per second. If anyone knows a way I can change it to 25...
  21. Jessie-Kate

    I'm looking for specific features in a cheap or free video editing program for Windows

    For about 5 years I was editing videos on iMovie on an Apple computer. I wanted more fun features and less glitchiness (any heavily edited video was hell to export in that program) but I didn't have much money. I tried every free video editing program and a few free trials of some of the ones...
  22. alice541

    Using Software and edit video movies from the software

    hi all ! My name is Mai Nguyen I need people to help, using video editing software, one of which 1 Software CyberLink PowerDirector Corel VideoStudio Pro Adobe Premier AVS Video Editor Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas Pro Lightworks 2 video editing software I need people to help. edit video movies from...
  23. FanoBelmont

    Elgato Video-Audio Sync Problems

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this issue? I am recording PS4 footage through an Elgato HD60 capture card. It had been working great until last night after recording Soma (awesome game!) when I put the footage on Premiere, I notice the game video and audio were out of sync and it got...
  24. Saleem Fihosy

    Request Does anyone know how to make a cartoon animation intro

    If you know how to make a cartoon animation intro please hit me up
  25. LeprechaunPranks

    Good Software to Make Phone Calls With

    Hi, guys! I run a prank call channel and I want the quality of my pranks to improve. I want to do so by using a better software (or even hardware) to call people using a computer. I am currently using Google Hangouts, which isn't the best program. I may be upgrading to Skype in the next week or...
  26. MorphMackenzie

    What editing software do you use?

    So over the past week I've been thinking about changing my editing software from Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition to something a lot better, I'm going to try Adobe Premier Pro but I'd like to find a software thats cheap yet good and which has good exporting properties. I want to know from all...
  27. Zman

    Free video editing?

    Hello i was wondering if anyone knows a good video editing software because unfortunately i cant get something like Sony Vegas or something else thank you -Zman201
  28. ApexTV

    What's the Best Video Editing Software?

    What is the very best video editing software? We personally use Power Director 13, because of it's fast rendering speeds and plan on upgrading to the newest Power Director 14 when we save up enough money to purchase it. In you opinion, what do you think the best video editing software is? Sony...
  29. WilBajamas

    Photoshop Processing Problems

    Hey guys, is anyone using photoshop cc? I'm having problems exporting my picture after editing them. The processing takes too long and I can't export, not even " quick export" helps. Need some help here~~ Thanks
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