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So I have been experimenting with editing software and I think I have found two good ones.
If you don't feel like paying for a software use Lightworks.
If you got the money use Sony vegas.
These two are basically the same just the free one might have some down grades but i haven't found them.
Just trying to give people some answers :)
I've used sony vegas before for a while, I feel premiere gives a lot more flexibility, also paired up with after effects, illustrator and photoshop! that's just a monster.
Use this program called wondershare filmora. It really easy to use and has lots of great feature like screen capture, chroma key, color grading, and it's really easy to add audio or layer audio tracks unlike programs such as Windows movie maker. This program is like 30-40$ if u want the real deal but the only difference between the full version and the free trial is in the free trial it add a big watermark which I've heard is possible to remove without paying for the full program but I'm not sure how. Hope this helps. :D
Or save up 100930129301293 dollars like I did and get adobe premiere cs6
I totally agree with Grgak on this one. In fact, you could save some money and get the Adobe Creative Cloud for around $200 a year, or $20 a month. It is absolutely EVERYTHING you will need to create content (Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, etc.) I have had the Creative Cloud for two years and it is worth every penny.