1. toastymind

    Snow in Vegas? Outrageous!

    But what if I told you can you enjoy snow every year in Vegas?
  2. Elpixion

    How to: Clone yourself in sony vegas pro 14

    So i just found out this but it is extremely easy to clone yourself in sony vegas put the two videos on two different layers select the pan and crop on the top video (a square thing) make sure mask is enabled and the position is at the start (or else it will become a keyframe) press...
  3. Arrowdance

    Differences between Sony Vegas & Adobe After Effects

    I'm a Sony Vegas user, but I recently heard about After Effects, so I'd like to know what's the differences with Vegas, the pros and the cons. Could you tell me, guys?
  4. terror569

    New Vegas Pro 14 Image Stabilization Test

    I mean it's not that bad right?
  5. JonnyPie

    The History of Cecil The Lion

    Before I move on to the main topic I wanted to discuss, I wanted to ask for opinions on OBS, DXSTORY and SHADOWPLAY for recording gaming footage. I have used shadowplay and am now experimenting with DXSTORY, which do you guys think is the best from EXPERIENCE and why. I am yet to touch OBS...
  6. HighSocietyGaming

    Thumbnail Feedback

    Thanks! I have asked a few of my friends what they think about my thumbnails and they think they look great, but since they are my friends, I have no idea if they may be just a little biased. I am implementing something new to my thumbnails every now and then, but so far what does everyone...
  7. O

    Good video editing software answer here

    So I have been experimenting with editing software and I think I have found two good ones. If you don't feel like paying for a software use Lightworks. If you got the money use Sony vegas. These two are basically the same just the free one might have some down grades but i haven't found them...
  8. Travi5


    So, I recently I made a different template to use in Vegas to upload to Youtube 1080p 30fps. When I rendered out my video I was shocked how quickly it completed compared to my older .mp4 and .avi templates. this saved me hours per video and I am not exaggerating. Quality was never effected in...
  9. The Tech Chap

    Ultrawide Monitors: Yay or Nay?

    As a YouTuber, I spend about 1/3 of my time editing in Premiere Pro so I wanted to invest in a 34" Ultrawide monitor to help with this (as well as maybe looking very cool and being awesome for games/movies :p). [Edited by Staff] I'll be fully testing/reviewing it too (for editing purposes) as...