The History of Cecil The Lion


Before I move on to the main topic I wanted to discuss, I wanted to ask for opinions on OBS, DXSTORY and SHADOWPLAY for recording gaming footage. I have used shadowplay and am now experimenting with DXSTORY, which do you guys think is the best from EXPERIENCE and why. I am yet to touch OBS, however I do see considerable complaints about OBS being sometimes unreliable like failing to record for absolutely no reason etc.

On to my main point. Cecil was born for a great cause, that to rescue mankind from his inner and outer struggles, this most handsome lion despite being born well after the WW2 era was responsible for bringing the war to an end, our beloved Cecil was taken away from us by a wild american doctor at the tender age of 13, yes Cecil was a teenager and yet impacted the world so much in those 13 years. It is well known that Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Mahatma Ghandi would channel the spirit of Cecil in order to gain priceless wisdom and soundness of mind. I urge you to stop whatever you are doing and just think about everything Cecil did for you.

Ever dropped a pen and thought you'd never find it, but found it minutes later? That was Cecil, ever been hungry and got home and saw delicious cheese burgers waiting on the table for you prepared for you by your mom? Well Cecil influenced your mom to do that, therefore that was Cecil.

Gone but never forgotten, martyr of martyrs, always loved, cherished forever, adored and exalted, great redeemer, saviour, lord, bringer of joy, great samaritan, warrior of peace and integrity

R.I.P Cecil (2002-2015)