1. BestNerdLife

    Is it worth buying a Playstation VR headset in 2019?

    I've wanted a Playstation VR headset for a while now but couldn't justify paying the usual £249 price tag, and I FINALLY persuaded myself to buy one thanks to a recent sale. It's an interesting piece of technology, but was it worth the money? Find out in this video!
  2. OndaWire

    Sony Bluetooth SP700N "true wireless" earbuds! Are they worth it?

    Follow me on FaceBook and YouTube at "OndaWire" for more Crazi-NESS! Sony is really making an impact in the headphone game! This review is on the Sony bluetooth SP700N "true wireless" earbuds with Extra Bass and Noise cancelation technology. If you have ever watched any of my videos in the past...
  3. MaxPowerG81

    God Of War Review | The PS4 Flawed Masterpiece?

    After finishing the story, heres my review of God Of War. Is it deserving of so much praise?
  4. OndaWire

    Who Won? Sony vs Harman/Kardon Test

    These Bluetooth portable speakers are well known in the tech industry. Today's review we have Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 3 Bluetooth portable wireless speaker vs The Sony SRS-XB20 Bluetooth portable wireless speakers. *Also, I in now way, promote or own the copyrights to the music/song being...
  5. T

    Short Film Toronto | Travel Film | Sony Alpha a6000

    During the winter of 2017 I travelled to Toronto for one month. The temperatures were beyond freezing everyday though the skies were still beautiful. I was lucky enough to venture out to Niagara Falls as a bonus. Here is what I saw and captured in under 2minutes. I am returning soon in the...
  6. DePhil

    premiere pro vs. vegas pro and wich is better

    Dear Community, a lot of people asked about premiere pro and sony vegas pro. let me explain the basic differences. In fact, premiere pro has some more options, effects, settings and opportunities than vegas pro developed by Sony(13) or Magix(14), but the result is that vegas pro is easier to...
  7. Elpixion

    How to: Clone yourself in sony vegas pro 14

    So i just found out this but it is extremely easy to clone yourself in sony vegas put the two videos on two different layers select the pan and crop on the top video (a square thing) make sure mask is enabled and the position is at the start (or else it will become a keyframe) press...
  8. Arrowdance

    Differences between Sony Vegas & Adobe After Effects

    I'm a Sony Vegas user, but I recently heard about After Effects, so I'd like to know what's the differences with Vegas, the pros and the cons. Could you tell me, guys?
  9. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    The best edit I've done to date (:

  10. JonnyPie

    The History of Cecil The Lion

    Before I move on to the main topic I wanted to discuss, I wanted to ask for opinions on OBS, DXSTORY and SHADOWPLAY for recording gaming footage. I have used shadowplay and am now experimenting with DXSTORY, which do you guys think is the best from EXPERIENCE and why. I am yet to touch OBS...
  11. CAMBAM

    HELP!!! Sony Movie Studio Crashing!!!

    Hello. So I've never had this problem before and randomly a couple days ago when I was trying to render my video in Sony Movie Studio, it crashed with a window saying to send a report or not. At first I thought it was just random, so I exited the editor and went back in but it still didn't work...
  12. imjeh

    Nostalgic or Tragic?

    Hello to all of you, I am a new member of this community, which I really like and seems very interesting! I am here for more than one reason, but my priority is improvement, positiveness and correction. I used to make gaming videos, had over 2k subscribers, and really enjoyed my video editing...
  13. HighSocietyGaming

    Thumbnail Feedback

    Thanks! I have asked a few of my friends what they think about my thumbnails and they think they look great, but since they are my friends, I have no idea if they may be just a little biased. I am implementing something new to my thumbnails every now and then, but so far what does everyone...
  14. Shehzad

    Mirrors Edges Catalyst, Sony News & More - Gaming news (20/03/16)

    We get more light on Mirrors Edges Catalyst's story, bunch of Sony news as well as Hellblade. If you want to see what's been happening this week within the gaming industry then I cover these topics in the video.
  15. The Black Mastadonte

    Microsoft calls for Xbox One and PS4 to finally connect!!

    For years, Xbox and Play Station have always been on the opposite end of the gaming spectrum. Now...Microsoft might end this ongoing feud for good. All Sony has to do is play along.
  16. Chris and Nima

    What kind of camera do you use?

    I'm curious what everyone uses for a camera to record. I have a Sony a5000 mirrorless camera. Seems like the canon 7gx is a popular choice these days let me know.
  17. O

    Good video editing software answer here

    So I have been experimenting with editing software and I think I have found two good ones. If you don't feel like paying for a software use Lightworks. If you got the money use Sony vegas. These two are basically the same just the free one might have some down grades but i haven't found them...
  18. Zuukca

    FIFA 16 Video Feedback [FIFA SERIES]

    Hey guys! I have started a new FIFA Series which I call "Starting from Scratch" and would really appreciate some feedback back! Here is the link to my video!!!
  19. Stoobs

    Mustard Powder NEW VLOG CAMERA!!

    New video, new camera. I'm back *******!