How to add in/out fade animation to all images/video layers at once ?


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Hi Guys,
This is my first post here, forgive me if i posted in a wrong section or if my question is a silly one.
I create videos by joining images .Currently i am using kinemaster where i add a background, then add all the images as layers and give them in and out animations (fade) to make the transition smoother. But since i use 40,50 images adding this fade in animation to all the images is a very time consuming task.

Do we have any video editing software that enables to make to add such transition effects all or multiple images/videos easily instead of doing it 40,50 times ??..
I do it with PowerDirector (but it is not free). DaVinci is free and I would expect it would do it, but I have never used it, so not sure.
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Hey there! Welcome to YTtalk! Your question isn't silly at all. Have you tried Adobe Premiere Pro? It has a feature called "Batch Processing" that allows you to apply transitions to multiple images/videos simultaneously. It might save you a ton of time! Good luck with your videos!