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I've Got It
Hey guys, guess who? LOL:tongue:
We have the option to upload attachments, so why nit take advantage.
Let's make a thread where we can share the thumbnails we are most proud of.
There are only 2 criteria, 1, you must have made the thumbnail & 2nd, you must be proud of it/them lol
I hope you guys like my idea ;)


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I'm probably most pleased with the three below. In fact they might be the only decent ones on my channel as I'm only just starting out and haven't really found a groove for my thumbnails yet.

The Classic Cheat template is my first attempt at a standard template for all my videos, with the channel name top-left and a red banner around the edge which seems to frame the video name quite nicely. I'll try it with a few of my other video 'series' and see if it's a keeper.

The EDF Playthrough template is a s simple as they come - game logo, catch-phrase (kinda), and the level number. I think the phrase sums up EDF quite nicely!

My AC FC series uses a similar template to the one below. I think it's pretty clear what to expect, but I'd welcome feedback!


  • Classic Cheats DKC1.jpg
    Classic Cheats DKC1.jpg
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  • EDF Playthrough stage 3.jpg
    EDF Playthrough stage 3.jpg
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  • ACFC Man UTD pt1.png
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