Is it okay to use stock images for most of my thumbnails?


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I'm thinking of using stock images for about 6o% to 80% of my thumbnails. Text boxes would overlay the stock images. One reason I'm considering this is because I own both a YouTube channel and a website with the same name. I’m thinking of using the same image for each video and accompanying website post.

I’m hesitant to always use images of myself, especially since I plan to regularly share my posts and videos on LinkedIn, which has a more professional tone than YouTube.

Does this seem like a good idea?
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MirrorlessNY(youtuber), You described LinkedIn accurately.

LinkedIn seems worth it for video creators in the business, technology, and programming niches. It depends on whether your content is focused on helping career-oriented professionals elevate their skills and/or provides valuable insights. Also, you would have to make sure that your content is perceived as helpful, high-quality, and "not spammish" before sharing your content on that site. It helps to join LinkedIn and see what other influencers are doing for a while first.
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I don't see why not, especially if you are going through LinkedIn, you might want those business or tech. stock photos to stand out compared to a more traditional thumbnail image.