Best Type of Thumbnail


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I've gotten a lot of feedback on my thumbnails so I have decided to change them. I want them to look plain but also intriguing (if that makes sense).

What do you look for in a thumbnail? What do yours look like? What are some tips you have found while making thumbnails?
In the beginning when I started my channel about two years ago I made my thumbs a bit more "artistic" with real drawings. But now i make them a bit more clickbait-ish (if that makes sense):) Kind of sad but I get a lot more views this way and in the end it´s whats counts:) Maybe I should try artistic and clickbait-ish:)
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The most important criteria is that they must really catch the eye of the viewer and incite them to click. That's more important than pretty.
i think what constitutes a great thumbnail, is visibility and color

if what you see on the thumbnail is clearly distinguishable - a face, a tree, a park, whatever it is, that will garner interest as long as its related to the keyword and content of your video

after that comes the vibrance of the colors - if the colors are clear and strong, theyre more eye-catching
Mine are semi-modeled after others in my genre. Since I am not proficient with an editor, I use Canva. Pretty quick and easy to use, though it is limited. What I can do to help the image quality is go into my game and use the "Captura Mode" to take a screenshot of what I'm highlighting in my video. This lets me take a good looking shot with controlled lighting and perspective. I usually have the subject biased on the right side, so I can add text on the left without it covering up my subject matter. I also leave enough room in the top right to put my logo. I have been using a green text to make it stand out more from other thumbnails, but I may change that. Hope this helps.