Kid's streams going viral for no reason!!!?


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Recently I found someone named Ninja Dantez in my subscription feed. He is a 14-year old (my age) streamer who had about 450 subscribers. At the time I had about 200. I have NO idea how I got subscribed to this kid! Soon after this he added a new thumbnail and started gaining some traction. He was faking his Fortnite kills and wins in his title, and doing a 15$ giveaway every stream, which he hosted almost every day. That seemed really fishy. He did this for about a week and hit 700 subs getting at least 300 views on each archived stream and had around 30 people watching live on average. Then two days ago he made a clickbait thumbnail that claimed a rare retro season skin (nog ops) was back in the Fortnite item shop. The first stream he did with this thumbnail he had a peak of almost 500 people watching him sit in the lobby and NOT EVEN PLAY! Since then he has done one more stream with this thumbnail. Both archived streams have at least 7k views one with 15k. He went from 700 subs to 1,650 in a day and a half and this happens every time he streams. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!? He doesn't use any special tags or titles or anything and me and my friends have even made EXACT copies of his upload title, tags, thumbnail, and description to test it and the most any of our videos got was 40 views. Right now I am just manly disappointed in YouTube as I put a lot of time in effort into my channel, videos, and streams, while no offense intended, someone who admits they are bad at the game, uses fake titles and thumbnails, and mostly just sits in the lobby, has an explosion of traction for no reason! Can anyone explain this? Hope someone knows something,

YouTube works in mysterious ways so don't lose your time thinking about that. Is already hard trying to understand your own channel to understand what is going with other youtuber's channel. He also got a lot of dislikes in one of his videos so I'm going to assume it was a combination of clickbait plus youtube recommending one of his videos. Once youtube recommends one of your videos you can easily grow to 1500 subs in a couple of days, in my case I got like 2K subs in like 2-3 days thanks to one video. My advice will be focus on your channel, try to learn from your competition but NEVER copy them (titles/tags/thumbnails) find something unique with good quality and you should grow!