1. J

    Kid's streams going viral for no reason!!!?

    Recently I found someone named Ninja Dantez in my subscription feed. He is a 14-year old (my age) streamer who had about 450 subscribers. At the time I had about 200. I have NO idea how I got subscribed to this kid! Soon after this he added a new thumbnail and started gaining some traction. He...
  2. George Hudson


  3. Crown

    YouTube drama queens & clickbait (PART 2)

    (Part one was here: ) Here are some more examples of desperate Youtuber drama queens using clickbait and exaggerating stories to get views. Thoughts on YouTubers that do this? Do you call them out for it or let it go? Some of...
  4. BigBryanGames

    What's the best type of font to use for a Thumbnail to draw attention?

    I know clickbait (God, I hate that word) pretty much helps drive attention to your videos and channel. A lot of thumbnails I see have very engaging content. But some also have text that stands out. Is there a font any of you use on thumbnails that you feel really grabs attention? A type of font...
  5. Mr. McSwizzle

    Where did the STORYTELLING go???

    We all love YouTube. Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube, its the one thing that i'm truly passionate about, like many of you. 2016 may just have been the year of CLICK-BAIT. I'm sure you've all seen it, (GONE WRONG) or (IN THE HOOD). Its like the creative aspect of YouTube went down the drain...
  6. J

    Is Clickbait Ruining YouTube?

    I absolutely hate clickbait. People that are overtly trying to make you think the video you're clicking on is something totally different than what it is. But SO many people these days exaggerate their titles and thumbnails. It's at the point where I've started seeing YouTubers that want to make...
  7. H

    NEW VIDEO - Clickbait etc etc....

    Hey i just uploaded a new video and am looking for some feedback please :)
  8. MechMaster

    Whats Your Opinion on Clickbait?

    just go ahead and leave a comment about what you think, i cant be bothered to type an actual sentence right now
  9. ItzRicoSuave


    i made a rant video on why prank channels are cancer and it barely cracked 50 views. I feel like there's something I'm doing wrong, but i can't find it. Would you guys mind pointing me in the right direction
  10. Doodel


    So i have this ''Problem'' that is that if you know, or watch, FIFA channels you KNOW that they pretty much all do clickbait. But the thing with me is that i really try not to. I've only uploaded one little clickbait video because it was kinda a trend atm, but haven't done one after(or before)...
  11. NatalieBrownSings

    How do I create great Titles and Thumbnails

    Hi YTTalkers! I have been doing some reading that says Titles and Thumbnails are super important to captivate a viewer to click and view. Now, I know a lot of people use click bait such as a slightly misleading title or the gratuitous booby picture or sexy image for click bait. I have a...
  12. AuthorFilms Studios

    Do you ever use clickbait!? (Gone Wrong)

    Have you ever used (non misleading) clickbait in your, titles, thumbnails or tags? Sometimes in my videos I capitalize a word or phrase to make it stand out (eg. DRONE instead of 'drone') or put a some adjectives in (eg. Epic, Cool, Awesome) and put trending (but related to the video) tags. Is...
  13. Mr Danny


    Clickbaits are weird and wonderful and stupid and funny. So let's take a look at some of the best clickbaits ever made (by me so they're not that great but whatever)
  14. EposVox

    Advanced Titling Techniques & SEO

    Hey all, so I've been trying to do as much as I can to "step things up" moving into 2016, and titles are something I need to think about. Main question: How important is each side in the balance of a creative/compelling title versus SEO-friendly title? Premise: I run a tech channel where I...