1st attempt at channel art and thumbnails... thoughts?


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hi all, just updated my thumbnails and recently my channel art... i have 0 experience with photoshop and graphic design, so i know they can be better.... but will they suffice? i have debated on outsourcing this to a pro but with my small amount of subscribers, idk if i want to invest... as always,TY in advance!!
It's a little confusing in that I am not sure what to make of it, exterior cleaning is a bit of an odd one for a youtube channel, is this promotional or entertainment? But, of course, that's what youtube is all about: niches.

Saying that, id say not bad. you might want to move the banner up just a hair tho cos the text is clipped at the bottom.
Ty for the feedback Colin... mostly Entertainment... i know it is odd lol but suprisingly their is an "Oddly Satisfying" niche that love these, especially the drone shots. i did notice what you mentioned with the banner, i think i will outsource at least that part... thx again!!
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