thumbnail graphic

  1. N

    Text or No text on thumbnails?

    So at work we have been having the debate on whether to use text or not on thumbnails. Seems like the trend for larger channels is to not use them… Thoughts?
  2. Justine

    Free Picture Editing Program/Site?

    So I just recently found out that picmonkey, a program I've been using since I started my channel, is now making it required that you have a membership to just save the picture you edited, meaning I'd have to layabout $50 annually just to save a thumbnail or a edited picture for a video...
  3. CatTagz

    How To Create Awesome Thumbnails For Free!!

    So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99%...
  4. C

    Request in need of a video thumbnail, could you help?

    i'm in need of a video thumbnail for a video i just made and was hoping for a high quality thumbnail but unfortunately i don't have photoshop so i am in need of your help! the video is featuring dory vs Anakin so i was hoping for the image to include both dory and clone wars anakin in the...
  5. injusticeexpert7

    Services Thumbnails for all youtube channels and very quick service unless something come up

    here is some of my work from one of the people I make thumbnails for and I can make them for free but donations through yt cash will be greatly appreciated if you become a regular it is just £2 every 3 weeks
  6. MZ-101

    Request Need Help on my thumbnail design.

    I WANT IT SIMPLE If you go to my channel you can see the Logo and Header are designed to be simple and kind of modern. That's what I want for my Thumbnails. I feel as my Thumbnails have been less than stellar lately and I would like anyone whose got any experience in graphic design to give my...