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  1. E

    Elevate Your YouTube Presence with Expert SEO Strategies

    Are you looking to skyrocket your YouTube channel's visibility and engagement? I specialize in leveraging advanced SEO techniques tailored specifically for YouTube content creators like you. With a keen understanding of YouTube's algorithms and trends, I'll optimize your channel to: 1. Enhance...
  2. H

    I think i broke my 100k subs youtube channel

    I have a youtube channel which got really good exposure, all my videos are self created and taking s**t load of time to create (video for a month). I had explosive growth with two videos ,one have reached 1m and the second 23m. I'm monetized for 5 months and already have 100k subs. Now I have...
  3. A

    What's wrong with my Minecraft video(Not enough views)

    I use an extension called VidIQ, you've all heard of it. I started a new Minecraft Bedwars content channel(if you don't know its fine), and posted my first video. I included proper tags, a long half-helpful description, and got 43/50 on the SEO. I then used Photoshop to craft a thumbnail. After...
  4. H

    Organic growth was cut off...penalty??

    I need your help and opinion from SEO perspective. I have a 4 month old youtube channel, pretty young. And I've been getting a really good amount of views from recommended and browse. Like 16,000 views for 48 hours in the past month. A few days ago I bought a backlink promotion from fiver...
  5. K

    No more waste of time. Grow Your youtube channel fast

    Hey have been want to have as many subs as fast as possible and you haven’t still figured it out the with the youtube mastery you learn how you can rank as the among top search’s for on YouTube We get the right niche And you can learn more by clicking here
  6. Dmenace

    Channel stuck and no views,does SEO needed?

    I need a SEO type of review,my videos are not watched or getting any traffic. I would like to know why. I suspect a multi niche problem l,but who knows.
  7. Dmenace

    I need SEO type of reviewing

    Hi My name is Denis I got a channel with a lot of topics and I dont have a specific one. Its consists out of metal Detecting,diving,urban exploration and all other kinds of advantures. The thing is thet 90% of my videos are not viewed at all and this bother me. I suspect an SEO problem or a...
  8. F

    SEO problem?!

    Hey guys! I have been active (posting weekly for a little while now) but my views are so small! I think most of them are family and friends probably ! The actual shooting doesn’t take long but I put in a lot of work into the editing part... this is the most recent one and it only has 74 views...
  9. S

    Are there any Youtube SEO experts that use the forum?

    Looking for someone to do some SEO on one of my videos and was just wondering if SEO experts frequent the forum? Thanks
  10. AcmeMike

    Paid SEO Techniques - good or bad?

    I've been thinking about hiring someone to help us optimize/rank a new video we created. However, I do not want to be involved with anything that could potentially hurt us in the future. Below is a description of the service I found, but I do not know what these things are. Can anyone give me...
  11. Courtney Candice


    I know there’s a lot of threads about tubebuddy, but noun of them have the answers I need. So the mods can close this thread if you have to, but all I want to know is when I push accept for tubebuddy to have access to my channel am I giving them rights to take over my channel or post things...
  12. VRONA

    Catchy Title Ideas for New Video

    So a few weeks ago I posted a Pokemon TAG opening video that did extremely well. It got 30 views in one day, a record on my channel. Because it did so well I decided to make a new one. In this one I will open some Burning Shadows expansion cards, the latest expansion to the game, so I want...
  13. VRONA

    How to Tell if my Videos are Even Reaching People?

    So my channel has been growing pretty slowly, and with around 15 views per video after 4 years it asks the question: are my videos even reaching people frequently and being displayed when searched? If so it would explain this extremely slow growth. I mean Socialblade is predicting I will reach...
  14. VRONA

    How to Tell if my Videos are Even Reaching People?

    So my channel has been growing pretty slowly, and with around 15 views per video after 4 years it asks the question: are my videos even reaching people frequently and being displayed when searched? If so it would explain this extremely slow growth. I mean Socialblade is predicting I will reach...
  15. SmokeySpace

    How To Create Better And Gain More Exposure On Your Videos!

    In this guid I am going to give you guys advice on creating and gaining for exposure (more views + subscribers) on your channel. I am a gaming channel but these tips will go out to everyone, good luck and I hope this helps :D First let me introduce myself, like I said I run a gaming channel...
  16. DePhil

    Easy Video SEO Score using free Chrome extension and Website

    Dear Community, after a lot of small YouTubers asked on wich way they could get more views and a better ranking on their video tags, I have the answer for your problems. There are serval programs and sites offering you this SEO optimization, but the problem is the most of them want a monthly...
  17. Cooliits HR

    Kids channel struggling & art of good seo, keywords & thumbnails.

    Hello everyone. We are a kids channel and we have this channel for almost 2 years now. The sad thing is we're still struggling to grow. We've done challenges, egg surprises, unboxings (mostly Lego) but nothing seems to click. We've tried adwords but to no avail. Few hundreds views but nothing...
  18. H

    Disappearing SERP Positions?

    Here's a problem i've been curious about for some time. I have a yoga channel with over 160 videos. There have been numerous times when I'll notice our channel appearing on Page 1 for a competitive search (The channel, not a video). It will be there for a week or a month - then poof, one day...
  19. Larya

    Sub 4 sub problem and other stuff...

    Ok so In the last couple of weeks I read non-stop about how to grow channels and about the importance of SEO. In my latest video I started thinking keywords very well and not just randomly put what comes in my mind first. (of course it always related to video, but I guess not well enough)...
  20. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    What is wrong? My Channels are not getting enough views!

    Hi friends, our channel is 5 months old. During our first 3 months it is doing well and getting decent views and traffic. After that 3 months we noticed that the views and traffic are dropping slowly. What do you think is wrong? Are we not doing it right about our content, titles, descriptions...
  21. G


    i need help i try to rank higher and i add 500 tags a video why aint i ranking higher
  22. javacentral

    Is it just me or has there been a change with Tubebuddy rankings?

    So I took a little 2 week break over christmas and when I got back, I tried to use my title as a tag (which I check to make sure it doesn't have too much competition and it's well searched) and it never ranked. Nor did any hardly any of my other tags. I use keywords in the description to help...
  23. javacentral

    SEO and what is most important?

    Ok so I'm kinda familiar with tags and descriptions and posting your video on social media. Now I'm seeing all this stuff about backlinks and white hat and black hat stuff and my head is spinning! What should we focus on the most in terms of SEO?
  24. Oliver Potter

    Some links that helped me get to 900 subscribers!

    Hey Guys! So I am a blogger/vlogger myself so all I do is read other peoples blogs. I compare them to mine and I came across these two blog posts about how to grow your audience and also how to rank your videos! I can't post links on here but if you would are interested in these blog posts...
  25. UnicycleFight

    Trying to take it to the next level!

    I feel like my video content has improved quite a bit since I started uploading but I know there is always room to improve! I'd also say my thumbnail/tagging game is getting pretty strong. If this were your video and you would have done something differently to make it more entertaining or...
  26. CatTagz

    How To Create Awesome Thumbnails For Free!!

    So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99%...
  27. Anjim

    Utilizing SEO Can Get You More Views On Your Youtube Channel

    Shout out to @Loki Doki and @Phil @ TubeBuddy
  28. Sk Jony

    How to set Backlinking Daily Schedule

    I want to be successful YouTuber. So, I need a daily routine for the youtube channel. Here are some topic and SEO technique mention. Which method and technique follow a day and how many times doing this job a day.... 1. Article writing 2. Article Submission/ Web 2.0 (How many directories a day)...
  29. LyanGamer

    How do you find your niche?

    Hey all, Relatively new youtuber in the gaming sphere; I keep seeing a lot of people talking about optimizing their SEO by finding a niche or a market within the market to really show up in searches. My question is simply how does one find this mystical and evasive combination of tags...
  30. Super Pawsitive

    Search Engine Optimization And You.

    Right, if you're here. You probably want to be found in Search Results. This applies to EVERYTHING YouTube and otherwise. Keep in mind you don't have to follow this guide word by word. This is just a general guideline on how to get your videos in Search. Nothing is promised to you, but this...