seo advice

  1. DivideAndConquer

    Can Someone Please Explain Youtubes SEO To Me Like I'm Five

    Hi My name is Trevor! :) Now ive looked at 100s of Youtube videos that supposedly explain how youtubes SEO works and how to optomise it but they all do the same thing and go into supper technical talk that i swear is for rocket scientists. lol anyway if anyone could explain it to me as though i...
  2. Fun with Sarah

    Language and country settings - do they affect how and where your videos are found?

    Does anyone have any experience testing whether the language specified in the advanced settings when publishing ones video has any effect on where your videos are promoted eg. in related videos and search? We've left ours unspecified on most of them but I see there is an option for English US...
  3. W

    Sharing and SEO

    So how do you get people to share your video and what are your tips on SEO.
  4. JayManOurMusicBox

    SEO Advice Needed

    I suppose there are 3 portions for SEO right? 1) Keywords on your channel 2) Title of Video 3) Keywords on your channel. Anything I missed out? Where else can I tweak my channel's SEO? I have a few other questions. Appreciate the help: 1) Should I just stick to 3-5 keywords for each video or...