I think i broke my 100k subs youtube channel


Nov 7, 2021
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I have a youtube channel which got really good exposure, all my videos are self created and taking s**t load of time to create (video for a month).
I had explosive growth with two videos ,one have reached 1m and the second 23m. I'm monetized for 5 months and already have 100k subs.
Now I have bought a couple of backlink services from Blackhatworld.com and seen some results,but from each time I ordered I noticed a decrease in views and it's like the backlines not working at all.
Even worse I got super low view count (from 400k daily to 100k daily) and my videos are sugested in a different niches.
I bought one last expensive seo/backlink service and hope for the best.
My guts telling me that somthing is ruined and I blame the back links.
Please help me understand the situation.