How to set Backlinking Daily Schedule

Sk Jony

YTtalk Mad
I want to be successful YouTuber. So, I need a daily routine for the youtube channel. Here are some topic and SEO technique mention. Which method and technique follow a day and how many times doing this job a day....

1. Article writing
2. Article Submission/ Web 2.0 (How many directories a day)
3. Blog Commenting (How many blogs a day)
4. Forum Commenting (How many forums a day)
5. Video Creation and submission (How many a day)...
6. Web/Blog Directory Submission (How many a day)...
7. Social Media Posting (How many a day)...

Please, expert, tell me the daily SEO task for better and top rank youtube channel.
The answer to all 7 is it depends. It's not always about quantity as it is quality. You can post, comment and write 0-10 articles a day and get little or no results. There's no magic number that works for everyone. You'll need to experiment on your own and find out what works for your channel. The number really depends on your niche and quality of submissions..
1 and 2 is about 8 years old and was popular in the days pre-panda google update days when the way for internet marketers to make money was having 100 five page sniper sites
3 is pretty spammy don't think blog comments with your links scattered will do much good, even if you get the links past the spam filters, enen on PR7+ sites, and not for yt ranking anyway
4 and 5 is your best bet
6 is spammy and worked the same as 1 and 2 above. Who uses blog directories to find yt videos? Maybe 1 in 500000000.
7 is ok and some on here say it works. Just have to know which network your audience is on.

Before worrying too much about backlinking strategies I would first focus on getting several dozen videos up with immaculate yt seo.