1. Jealous Lawn Care

    One word Tags or phrases --- which is better?

    I've recently downloaded/played around with TubeBuddy and it's a great product for tags. Although if I understand it correctly it seems like one word tags don't work as well as phrases. Example: Video #1 - tags of "lawn" "care" Video #2 - tags of "lawn care" Now the question is, if it type...
  2. T

    Can a website help your channel?

    Hi, I was thinking: what if i built a website with SEO approach connected to my channel, where i can write anything related to the work on my channel. If i make videos about gaming, i can write about new trend games. I'm a filmmaker too, so i can write about video and editing tips. All this to...
  3. T

    Twitter analytics, do you use it?

    Just found out about this cool little feature recently. It's sort of neat to see how your interactions with others and stuff gets recognized, and the numbers behind it. If you feel comfortable sharing here, give us an idea of what your numbers look like!
  4. SaRNEh

    Software for YouTube Creators - Need contribution!

    Hello everyone! :) I'd like to create software for YouTube Creators to make it simple to manage all your YouTube activities in one place. So, my idea is... what if all the functionalities from YouTube + additional features like those from TubeBuddy or VidIQ would be in one place? I found it...
  5. U

    YouTube Poll Cards

    Are their any SEO benefits? Is maybe a 'vote' as good as a 'comment' to evidence engagement? Does anybody have any insight on this? There is not much info on YouTube, nor from the usual video influencer brigade. Thanks
  6. A

    Closed Captions

    What is the best way to create closed captions for my videos?
  7. O

    The best tool to look up search volume for youtube keywords?

    So I am currently optimizing the SEO for all my videos, I find good low competition keywords but when I search for specific keywords in google keyword planner, kwfinder or serps it won't show search volume but I took the chance & decided to use the keywords which had a positive effect on my...
  8. B

    Optimizing a video 48 - 72 hours AFTER you upload it ???

    I read something which doesn't make any sense in a blog post about optimizing videos: "What you do to optimize a video in the first 48-72 hours after you post is crucial to the success of your video and how it ranks." ...and I just don't get how could that be even remotely true? Shouldn't you...
  9. Firefang

    SEO in Titles: help clear up my confusion.

    I recently made a video about Destiny 2 controversy regarding the hidden level scaling Bungie had implemented in their game. I tried ranking for 'Destiny 2 xp limiting', 'Destiny 2 xp controversy' and 'Destiny 2 xp scaling. Now If I would want to have those keywords in my title, I'd need to...
  10. Darren Taylor

    Small channel (below 500 subs) with ranked videos?

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody have a small channel 500 subs or less with videos that rank for search terms with some traffic? I have 130 subs at the moment, but I have got them all by sharing my content via social media and haven't gained any views via search because my videos fail to rank for...
  11. GZG

    Question about getting views and SEO?

    Hi yttalk community, So I have a question on how would I go about getting my videos/channel to be noticed. I know that SEO plays a big role and if it's mainly based on things like watch time, engagement, social media shares, etc. videos from big channels almost always occupy the rankings (its...
  12. A

    An example of the importance of choosing the right topic and doing good SEO!

    This is just something I wanted to share, because I thought it was pretty interesting. A few months ago I looked up some popular and non-competitive keywords using TubeBuddy and the youtube search suggestions. I make a lot of instrumental and orchestral royalty free music that anyone can use...
  13. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Is it worth to reboot a dying channel?

    Hello guys, is it worth to reboot a channel that has 90 views in every 48 hours or if the channel is dying and killing by YTs new algo?
  14. M

    Best tags for vlog family channel

    Hello,I shoot daily vlogs. It is good to keep the same tags for every video as a child, family, vlog or rather tags that relate directly to a video, such as visiting a zoo, a zoo, animals in a zoo, etc. Seconfd question - you recoomend to translate tags into other languages?
  15. Quick Question

    Novelty on Video Titles

    Does anyone know what happens when you create multiple videos with the same name? and how that affects your channel and the videos SEO.
  16. C

    How to get more subscriber and more views without seo?

    How to get more subscriber and more views without seo? SEO so difficult to do so have anyone have ideas about get views without seo?
  17. JayyDaGawd

    Having trouble with Tags and optimization

    Hey guys! I have watched a bunch of videos on youtube on this topic and I still don't understand it thoroughly. I try to use tube buddy and use tags with low competition and high rate of search, but my view count hasn't been touched. I used a good tag and yet it isn't ranked???? I don't...
  18. VRONA

    Catchy Title Ideas for New Video

    So a few weeks ago I posted a Pokemon TAG opening video that did extremely well. It got 30 views in one day, a record on my channel. Because it did so well I decided to make a new one. In this one I will open some Burning Shadows expansion cards, the latest expansion to the game, so I want...
  19. TrendingGamingTopics

    #1 - Growing a Youtube Gaming Channel In 2017

    Hey Readers and welcome to part , its me TrendingGamingTopics. It is 2017 and things are getting harder in the gaming scene, and thats why I created this thread :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strategies to Grow ( Gaming ) 1-...
  20. cormac donohoe


    hey guys i was wondering if theres anyone out there who knows a back door or something like that to getting my videos to the top of the search rankings i already know about a good description,tags and title and all that stuff i already do it but it doesnt seem to work i was wondering if there...
  21. DePhil

    Easy Video SEO Score using free Chrome extension and Website

    Dear Community, after a lot of small YouTubers asked on wich way they could get more views and a better ranking on their video tags, I have the answer for your problems. There are serval programs and sites offering you this SEO optimization, but the problem is the most of them want a monthly...
  22. Keg Man

    Can i improve on my SEO?

    So lets say for example ive completed a Crusader Kings 2 Video, Ive made a thumbnail, Ive finished off a description, got a decent title and sorted out my end cards. My SEO game i feel could use some improvement. Lets say my title for my video is 'Keg Man Plays: Crusader Kings 2 Modded E1'. For...
  23. Phil @ TubeBuddy

    Advertisement What is TubeBuddy and how can it help me on YouTube?

    Hey Gang, Phil from TubeBuddy here. You're probably seen our banners around the site before. We've spent the last 6 months building a really amazing tool for YouTubers that will save you time, get your videos discovered, help you connect with your audience and build your brand on YouTube. It's...
  24. Quick Question

    Am I using tags right?

    I've been keeping tabs on my keyword tags and where they rank in their search. Every keyword I try to get ranked and by doing so I have made my keywords pretty long. Short keywords never rank and so I tend to stray away using them, however, I heard they are still useful. Should I be using...
  25. H

    Disappearing SERP Positions?

    Here's a problem i've been curious about for some time. I have a yoga channel with over 160 videos. There have been numerous times when I'll notice our channel appearing on Page 1 for a competitive search (The channel, not a video). It will be there for a week or a month - then poof, one day...
  26. H

    Local YouTube Marketing - better to go narrow or broad?

    I have a local marketing client who operates a business in about 10 regional cities around Washington DC. Our goal is inevitably to rank them for Washington DC + KW for about 4 keywords. Is it a better strategy to produce videos for keywords for the smaller cities - like Bethesda + KW, Chevy...
  27. SimplyAlexTV

    How to setup a wordpress website blog for your channel?

    Hey guys, since very new around here i would like to provide some value for this community! Would any of you guys be interested in a detailed guide on how to setup a wordpress website? What is detailed? Small overview on what you need and get in return Where to host it / Where to find a good...
  28. Boris Qs

    Video SEO - How I Rank my Videos on YouTube

    Your video is uploaded on YouTube and you are not getting views, Why? One major factor for that is because you channel is still small. The only way people will know about your channel is through your ranked videos. YouTube videos also need to be SEO optimized in order to get ranked in the...
  29. C

    This Algorithm and Upload Frequency: HELP!

    Hello every, I make pretty comprehensive comedy sketches. They require A LOT of work because I am a one man team, and I plan to keep it that way going forward. Although I can produce a good 2 minute sketch in 1.5-2 weeks, and a very short sketch in a few days, I find my cadence is about 2-4...
  30. O

    How to prevent videos from loosing views???

    Hi Guys :) So I have been youtubing for about a year in total and last year I lost motivation due to the opportunities of how much you could actually earn but despite I was inactive for about half a year or more my channel still kept bringing in subscribers and views (about 25-50 per day) it...