hey guys i was wondering if theres anyone out there who knows a back door or something like that to getting my videos to the top of the search rankings i already know about a good description,tags and title and all that stuff i already do it but it doesnt seem to work i was wondering if there was anyone who knows any ther ways to gain extra exposure if you can help please let me know
i try and make the top of my description pretty much the same as the title and I use all sorts of tags based on the title and description and obviously others and I have seen some of my videos even reach the first page on the video rankings :) hope this helps
Just make sure you fill up your tags with relevant, long tail keywords (three words or more) and keep producing solid content. New creators should always focus on content first. Improve your content and worry about SEO when you feel confident about the quality and quantity of your content.
I've found you need to find a niche. I've managed to get some of my videos pretty high in the search, but its only because there aren't many other videos on the topic.