One word Tags or phrases --- which is better?

Jealous Lawn Care

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I've recently downloaded/played around with TubeBuddy and it's a great product for tags. Although if I understand it correctly it seems like one word tags don't work as well as phrases.

Video #1 - tags of "lawn" "care"
Video #2 - tags of "lawn care"

Now the question is, if it type in "lawn care" in YT or google search, will these 2 video's tags be represented equally (meaning would video #1's tags combine/match the tags together)??

I'm not sure what to believe, because in the past all of my tags were using one-word "lawn" "care" "best" "new"...etc. I thought these would combine and matches peoples search results, but I'm thinking its not the case because not all my video's are getting high views. On the other side, some video's are getting high views (10k+) with only 1 word tags and most are coming from suggested video's (80%+).

Anyone have any hard evidence of which method of tagging is better for SEO?


You have 500 characters. You should use them all. Tube Buddy will tell you where they rank. Notice in Youtube, when you start typing, it finishes phrases, just like the Google Overlords. If your Tag is that phrase, it's a good thing.

Single words can get lost in a sea of million of identical tags.

TubeBuddy is amazing, especially if you're under 1000 subscribers. You can get a monthly subscription 50% off if you are. $5/mo for an awesome SEO addon is worth it IMO.
I'm a little nervous about changing the video's which have already been performing well because they show up in suggested videos well..:-/