Keywords in title/description


Loving YTtalk
Hello! I haven't posted here since I stopped doing YouTube for a couple of years to do my masters etc.

Anyway, I have been trying to get back to it and I can't get my head around this issue. I posted this in another forum but not getting responses so I hope it's ok I copy paste it below..

One thing I really don't understand is how keywords work exactly.

Let's say I find a keyword "engineering". In the YouTube search bar, I can see it has 27,100 searches per month (using the keyword tool). But of course, I'm not going to call my video just "engineering". So let's say I call it "What is engineering" now that has 1,900 searches per month. So how do I get my video to be ranked for the higher search volume keyword

.. Or is that not a good thing to aim for if you're a small Youtube channel - because if I do search "engineering", the first two results are from Crash Course.
So should the strategy be to try and rank high on small volume search terms? But then how will you get discovered in search if you do that? Seems a bit contradictory...
sometimes you can get ranked higher by re arranging the words as well like using your example. might try ""engineering" what is it?"

you will want to try to include key words in your title and description but you want it to make sense and be enticing to click.

starting out it might be best to target key words that may not be the highest search volume but have enough search volume to be worthwhile with lower competition giving you a better chance of ranking for those key words.
You need to find longtail keyphrases with "engineering" in them.

Type "engineering" in the search bar and then press space bar, that will display suggestions of popular searches with "engineering" in the phrase.