1. ForbidenProdigy

    Question about Vidiq and Tubebuddy

    So i just have the free versions of both but what confuses me is almost every time I search keywords and check the competition on them one of the apps will say it's worth going for but the other one will say it's not worth it. I never really seem to find them agree on anything. Why is this?
  2. Hana

    Keywords in title/description

    Hello! I haven't posted here since I stopped doing YouTube for a couple of years to do my masters etc. Anyway, I have been trying to get back to it and I can't get my head around this issue. I posted this in another forum but not getting responses so I hope it's ok I copy paste it below.. One...
  3. Mechanicalmoose

    Should I try and rank position no 2?

    Tricky one this I have different versions of a song I'm promoting on my channel. When I put in a tag in youtube buddy for the remix version of my song it shows I'm already at no1 for that term with the original version of the song. So my question is should I still use that term to try and rank...
  4. mitchappleshow

    Keywords / Video Tags - What should I do? (Demographic = 2 - 5 year olds)

    We are about to launch our YouTube channel (about 10 videos done and ready to post). Our demographic will click on any thumbnail (if it is appealing) regardless of what keyword is searched for (by their parents). My question is... Should I appeal to the masses with popular/competitive keywords...
  5. B

    Targeting keywords for multiple topics in 1 video

    If you make a video about two of the most popular/trending/searched things at the same time and split the keywords between the two and target the keywords for both, will the video rank as good as a video that is specifically on one of the two topics and has keywords targeted just for one of the...
  6. B

    Using only keywords which are googled X amount of times / month?

    I heard that when doing keywords you should first check in google keyword planner if the specific keyword has a substantial search volume - meaning if it's searched enough times per month to be prudent to use it - and than not use it if it's not searched X amount of times per month. Now...
  7. A

    An example of the importance of choosing the right topic and doing good SEO!

    This is just something I wanted to share, because I thought it was pretty interesting. A few months ago I looked up some popular and non-competitive keywords using TubeBuddy and the youtube search suggestions. I make a lot of instrumental and orchestral royalty free music that anyone can use...
  8. Jiri82pi

    Banned keywords - BLACKLIST

    Hello. After several uploading experiments, I've found that Youtube has a list of "forbidden" keywords that automatically prevent you from monetizing. Does anyone know where to get this blacklist? George.
  9. A

    Description of Playlist

    Hey guys, do you add descriptions to all of your playlists? And how long should it be? How many words?
  10. Quick Question

    Will changing a thumbnail reset the video like changing keywords will?

    I am doing a lot of thumbnail changes and I am wondering if this will affect my video like changing video keyword tags will.
  11. Quick Question

    Am I using tags right?

    I've been keeping tabs on my keyword tags and where they rank in their search. Every keyword I try to get ranked and by doing so I have made my keywords pretty long. Short keywords never rank and so I tend to stray away using them, however, I heard they are still useful. Should I be using...
  12. Cameron Daniels

    Using the best keywords

    I have now been on YouTube for 1.5 years. I have just 129 subscribers. I watch alot of the how to get more subscribers videos and learn very little from them. Most of the tips I've or even done but still no success. I know keywords can give your videos a major boast? My question is how do I know...
  13. YAOG

    Is this against TOS?

    Hey guys, I know tags might not be very important with regard to the algorithm, but recently I did a 3 hour live stream in which I played over 30 cover songs. I should be able to include the names of the artists and songs in the tags, no? And would it be a good idea to link to the original...
  14. UndergroundSeries

    SEO Tactic Tools

    Does anyone know if threre are programs for free for keyword optimazation ?
  15. O

    Subscribe To Tags feature

    What if YouTube had a feature that would let you subscribe to Tags? Example would be if you liked the Video Game Mine Craft but you wanted to see Walkthroughs or Lets Plays. You could subscribe to hashtags #MineCraft and #LetsPlay Then you would be notified anytime a video was uploaded that had...
  16. Derrick Toys

    How To Write Titles?!

    How did you develop a technique with video titles using keywords and having a nice flow? Some popular videos have very little words and others are stacked with keywords.
  17. Lucy81272892

    Keyword and tagging....

    Hi guys :) quick question when you're inputting keywords either for your videos or your channel itself how much time would you say is sufficient enough to wait to see how your keywords are working.....also is it terrible to change your videos or channels keywords often.....should you pick a set...
  18. D

    Where to post videos? Effective Keywords? Thanks.

    Hey guys, So I'm working on a sketch channel, I made videos a while ago then stopped for a while. But trying to get back into it. I never know where I can submit comedy videos to help get viewers. Also what is the most effective way with tagging videos. Does tagging videos really help with the...
  19. It's Lenka

    Keywords in multiple languages

    Hey guys, I was wondering, how does it work with keywords? What if I want to target particular countries? Let's say: There is a video in Czech language, we make subtitles in English, description of the video in English, but we put the description of the video in 6 languages and inserd our...
  20. SeanFace101

    Question about Channel Keywords?

    In the field for "Channel Keywords" on the Advanced Settings page.. Do I separate each keyword / keyphrase with a comma? and how many should be added here?
  21. SeanFace101

    Which is best to write tags / keywords?

    Which of the following ways is best to add the tags in for my videos? for example, someone's name? .. "Sean" "Michael" "Quinn" or like this "Sean Michael Quinn" ?
  22. SeanFace101

    How Many Tags Do You Add?

    When uploading your videos, how many Tags d you add to them? Do you add as many as it lets you? or not many?
  23. H

    Hey guys regarding Keywords?

    Well as the title suggest which do you do regards with keywords, I have advertised my channel and the thumbnails are good and title is catchy. I have made sure of all this, I don't like being big headed and I am not but I am confident it is confident to earn at least a few clicks. The effort is...
  24. O

    Keywords optimization

    Hi My channel is slowly moving forward but I want to boost it also in order to make a higher income per month I have posted a lot of videos so far but I am not getting any subs only views. So I tried looking for ways to up my traffic and I saw you can hire a professional to search for better...
  25. Sk Jony

    Profitable Niche site Keywords

    i want to create a profitable niche site, But I don't' understand the correct keyword or product selected system. Please share your opinion and help me to decide the correct one.