Question about Vidiq and Tubebuddy


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So i just have the free versions of both but what confuses me is almost every time I search keywords and check the competition on them one of the apps will say it's worth going for but the other one will say it's not worth it. I never really seem to find them agree on anything. Why is this?
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Google doesn't share their data with 3rd parties so I think you should take their data with a pinch of salt. I tried to find clear information about where their data comes from a while ago and I never got a clear answer. :)
These tools are not accurate. There is no public tools that shows youtube keywords search amounts so vidiq/tubebuddy can't measure that
Okay thanks!

Oh I just assumed they ran off a certain process that tried it's best to predict things but it doesn't sound like it. Oh well, thanks! :)
They aren't completely accurate. They are useful tools once you figure out which pieces of information are most useful to you. I've had some decently performing videos recently and I owe that in big part to the SEO tools TubeBuddy and VidIQ offer. Even still, though, take everything a third-party program gives you with a grain of salt.