I have now been on YouTube for 1.5 years. I have just 129 subscribers. I watch alot of the how to get more subscribers videos and learn very little from them. Most of the tips I've or even done but still no success.
I know keywords can give your videos a major boast? My question is how do I know what the best keywords are? Or am I just kidding myself and actually my major problem is poor retention percentages? Oh and finally do keywords have to be gramatically correct or should they be all lower case?
the best keywords are the keywords most relevant and drive a lot of traffic. an example would be if i was searching for a tutorial for photoshop and it was to do with drawing I would search "photoshop drawing tutorial" or "how to draw in photoshop" these would be good keywords because they are relevant to what im exactly looking for. keywords in my opinion doesnt matter whether its upper case or lower case if you search for something you get the same results either way.