1. R

    How can I disable unwanted video suggestions in youtube?

    While I'm searching one of my request in youtube, some sugestion marked with "People also watched" or "for you" which all of them are not related in the search, how can I disable it?
  2. ThriftyAV

    Impressions: Search vs Suggested

    For the past 2.75 years, I've been growing my channel primarily off "search". 45.7% of my traffic is from YouTube Search with 22.4% being external, dominated by Google Search. Only 18.7% of my traffic comes from "suggested". As much as I enjoy making videos related to key search terms, I...
  3. D


    Hey guys! I need your help. I used to watch videos of this one swedish female youtuber, but I'm not able to find her now. When I was watching her videos, she used to have purple/pink hair (each half of different color), diamond tattoos on both her wrists, having piercings on her face and she...
  4. Hana

    Keywords in title/description

    Hello! I haven't posted here since I stopped doing YouTube for a couple of years to do my masters etc. Anyway, I have been trying to get back to it and I can't get my head around this issue. I posted this in another forum but not getting responses so I hope it's ok I copy paste it below.. One...
  5. Shandor

    Should I change my channel name?

    Hello everyone! I'd like this topic to be dedicated about finding your channel in the Youtube search, and if changing your channelname would be better. My own channel cannot be found easily when typing it in the search bar, and I was wondering if my channel name is too much existing and...
  6. K

    Video not showing up in search. Indexing problem?

    Hello. My friend uploaded a music video. It was all good untill it was flagged for copyrights and got a strike. Unfairly, let me add, and by someone trying to damage the channel, as we have all the copyrights. After it was back online it was all good again, and now for some 2 weeks it became...
  7. Certified Nooby

    My channel is not visible in YouTube search

    I have a channel named Certified Nooby - but it is not visible in YouTube search even after applying the "Channels" filter. I have 3 public videos out of which, all 3 are fully monetized and I have 0 community guidelines strike and 0 copyright strike...
  8. Darren Taylor

    Small channel (below 500 subs) with ranked videos?

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody have a small channel 500 subs or less with videos that rank for search terms with some traffic? I have 130 subs at the moment, but I have got them all by sharing my content via social media and haven't gained any views via search because my videos fail to rank for...
  9. KingleBricks

    Using Google Trends

    Google Trends is a site used to show what people are searching for most on google at this given time, i like to go on there and look at what is trending and then see if i can base some sort of entertaining/educational content around what people are already searching for. You can search anything...
  10. BulletGaming

    Help on understanding channel discovery

    Hey guys, So I created my channel as a brand account back in 2013 as we have multiple individuals who have access to the channel for uploads, yet, mainly it's myself who has been doing the uploading. Now as a lot probably know from my YT account. Our name isn't exactly unique, I can appreciate...
  11. N

    75% of my views come from Facebook

    Hi guys 75% of my views (6000ish) come from Facebook, as I do write a lot of posts in various groups, how can I increase the rest my views?? I have no negative feedback and people say that the content is great... I don't understand :-( Thank you!
  12. O

    Subscribe To Tags feature

    What if YouTube had a feature that would let you subscribe to Tags? Example would be if you liked the Video Game Mine Craft but you wanted to see Walkthroughs or Lets Plays. You could subscribe to hashtags #MineCraft and #LetsPlay Then you would be notified anytime a video was uploaded that had...
  13. SmokeySpace

    Good Content, Bad Statistics, I Don't Get It Anymore

    I have good videos, I have good thumbnails, I have good tags, yet I can't seem to GROW. I feel like I keep hitting barriers that I can't surpass. I know this happens to a lot of YouTubers and I don't understand why. YouTube's algorithm is rigged for their benefit I feel, always putting the...
  14. javacentral

    SEO tips and ideas

    So I've been looking and looking and been trying to figure out what are the best things to do for your search engine optimization (SEO). A few things I know, tubebuddy is fantastic for tags and tag rankings (though I haven't fully figured it out yet), putting a well made and lengthy description...
  15. Voov

    Get your videos HIGH on the search results! Quick tip #2 Ft. FINN

  16. SeanFace101

    Can Old Videos With Low Views Get Ranked High Now?

    I was wondering if it is possible for old videos that have been uploaded years ago and never did get a lot of views (below 100), can they still get ranked high now if the tags are updated, better title, descriptions, etc..? Will it be harder for them too rank high now because they haven't for so...
  17. Edmagician

    How to rank high in search

    Now I'm still not an expert on this but I have learned a few things with my old channel and the new one I've created. My last account hit 18k subscribers in a few months. The thing I learned is when I was making my videos was... How many people search for something and how many videos are made...
  18. Ollusk

    Please help!

    I want to change my name from Ollusk to Slugged but when I change it I am unable to find my channel by searching. Athough, it still comes up by typing Ollusk. Anyone know a solution? Thanks in advance.