How to rank high in search


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Now I'm still not an expert on this but I have learned a few things with my old channel and the new one I've created. My last account hit 18k subscribers in a few months. The thing I learned is when I was making my videos was... How many people search for something and how many videos are made of that subject...and also if it is a new topic or an old topic.
We will use League of Legends as an example...because that is what I was playing. Whenever a new champion came out I always tried to be the first person to make a video about it. If things where done like "How to play" or whatever I would look for a similar Title that people might be looking for. So in case everyone makes a How to play then I would be doing a slightly different video with: "Tips and Tehniques". Tag that and put that in the title and description.
Hope it helps in any way. Sorry if I didn't make things that clear,leave a comment and I will clarify.
Yep, anything topical will get you that quick burst of hits right off the bat. It's all about being on top of your game to be one the first to talk about it =)
It's great advice, to try to be the first out of the gate with anything new. There are a ton of followers of any trend that pops up on YouTube, so being a leader is a great place to be.
So basically you suggest using a term that's searchable but is also worded a bit differently than what others have posted right?