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  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Rank Better On YouTube

    How To Rank Better On YouTube // How To Rank Videos and Rank Better In YouTube Search. How To Rank YouTube Videos is the holy grail for most Small YouTubers so you need to improve your chances to Rank Better in YouTube Search.YouTube SEO can help when ranking youtube videos and helping you grow...
  2. B

    Using only keywords which are googled X amount of times / month?

    I heard that when doing keywords you should first check in google keyword planner if the specific keyword has a substantial search volume - meaning if it's searched enough times per month to be prudent to use it - and than not use it if it's not searched X amount of times per month. Now...
  3. UnicycleFight

    How much does it help using super specific tags that rank really high?

    So if you use a very specific long winded tag and it's ranked #1 does it really help you if its THAT specific? What are the chances of someone finding it? Does it give you some kind of bump for having high rankings in general?
  4. SeanFace101

    Can Old Videos With Low Views Get Ranked High Now?

    I was wondering if it is possible for old videos that have been uploaded years ago and never did get a lot of views (below 100), can they still get ranked high now if the tags are updated, better title, descriptions, etc..? Will it be harder for them too rank high now because they haven't for so...
  5. New Thug Life Production

    How To Rank Higher need help.

    My question and if somebody can help is ........ i do thug life videos and i want to rank at the first page on youtube if someone searched for thug life but as you know there is a channel named as thug life videos and they have so many videos and the rank very high and almost in all youtube...
  6. Edmagician

    How to rank high in search

    Now I'm still not an expert on this but I have learned a few things with my old channel and the new one I've created. My last account hit 18k subscribers in a few months. The thing I learned is when I was making my videos was... How many people search for something and how many videos are made...