1. javacentral

    Do you guys blog? How do you get your blogging name out there?

    So I recently started a blog for my youtube channel and I would imagine it would get me more traffic to the channel but not completely sure. If yall do blog, how do you get traffic to that blog, and in return, to your channel?
  2. javacentral

    Got a lot of hate on reddit for this video

    Maybe it's because I call it a cappuccino when it really isn't one (Since I don't use espresso) but is there anything wrong with it? I really enjoyed making it and it really did make a nice cup of coffee
  3. FluffyPanda

    Not growing my channel fast enough?

    This is a genuine question. I own a music promoting YouTube channel and I am pretty active on it. If you look at my video list you can see how often I upload. I've been doing this for quite awhile and I am gaining 0-1 subs a day. I have no intention on giving up but maintaining this channel...
  4. O

    thumbnail from video

    Does anyone have any advice as to whether it's better to have my youtube video's thumbnail from something in the video that is seen within say 30-1:00 vs choosing a thumbnail from a clip in my video that's from the end of the video? Does it help with views if the thumbnail represents something...
  5. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Why Is It Hard To Get Your First 100 Subscribers??

    Hello best friend, I heard that getting your first 100 subscriber on YouTube is the hardest part to get.So do you agree with this topic??If you than why??.....let me know your opinion about this topic via comment section (Join the poll) Thanks a lot :)
  6. K


    I chose the map, it's my fault... Leave a LIKE for more PARKOUR! :D ► CHECK OUT KIRBALT PLAYS! ► PREVIOUS VIDEO! ► SUBSCRIBE! ► SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Google+ -...
  7. D

    New Youtube outro type

    I have been seeing a lot of youtubers switch to this new form of outro where the featured video works like an clickable linked annotation, but it shows the thumbnail and time like pic related Question is, how do I use this new form of outro?
  8. Its Ryan


    Hey guys!! My name is Ryan and I make funny gaming videos on my channel and I get a lot of doubt because i want to be a youtuber. Even my parents don't believe in me. But I see this happening a lot with small youtubers. Do you guys get a lot of doubt and if so how do you cope with it?
  9. The Black Mastadonte

    How often do you promote?

    Hey guys. I had a simple question for you all. If you're like me, you get antsy in that short period of time where you do not make videos. In that short period of time I think about sharing old videos across the web, self promoting, etc. So I wanted to know, how often do you promote your...
  10. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I would like some criticism for my new video that i posted. I don't like it too much. Any types of tips will be helpful. Thanks!!!!
  11. Nutella

    If a YouTuber has over 4000 Subs and got over 6k views on a vid but only has 3 likes is he botting?

    I have seen this with a couple of "YouTubers", They'll have lets say 4k subs but when i go to their videos they'll have some with really high views like 6k but have literally no likes lol maybe like 1 and then on their other videos they'll have lets say 10 views with 1 like.Their video views...
  12. MrButlerC

    I'm a new channel and looking for feedback and review.

    I'm a new channel which only have 7 Subscriber and recently I uploaded a new video and I really really want to know what do you think about my video. I'm not promoting but I want to know what other people think about my videos. Thanks before!
  13. getrektson

    How are videos getting random referrers?

    So I was browsing through youtube channels for some laugh and I came across a vid that is pretty popular, I happen to look at its refererrs through vidIQ and found that it has 800+! but here is the weird thing, they arn't related to the topic. How are these videos at random sites being referred...
  14. sphamedia

    What do you do when a test video goes wrong?

    So i was testing a new video types, this one was a theory on if kubo and the two strings was a sequel to princess kaguya, to see how my audience responds to non anime spasific content, and its doing badly, my views fluctuate pritty widely, from 40 views to 5000 views, but this got 8, and im...
  15. Its Ryan

    How much time do you spend on youtube??

    sup guys I have a quick question. how much time do you guys spend on youtube? It can be watching videos or making videos. I spend like my whole day. With making videos I spend like 3-5 hours
  16. Jtpetch

    Best time to post?

    So I'm getting to the point where my editing is quick, and I generally get tomorrow's videos done today, so I'm starting to schedule the uploads. I'm wondering, though, what the ideal time to have a video go up would be. My first thought would be noon (my local time), but I'm not sure. What...
  17. Its Ryan


    Hey guys quick question. i would love it if you guys can tell me how to gain more exposure for my youtube channel. Any strats? Social media? What collabs should i do? Any suggestions help! THANKS!!!
  18. Scootakip [Lana]

    How accurate is my estimated earnings to my actual earnings, and how often does my adsense get money

    How accurate is my Youtube estimated earnings to my actual Adsense earnings, and how often does my Adsense account get money? I'm asking because while I have an estimated earning of over 10 dollars on my Youtube dashboard, when I go to my Adsense account, I only have a little over 6 dollars...
  19. MisterJDiggidy


    There is a private message feature on YouTube, and I was wondering, do a lot of people use/even know about this? I've sent messages before on this, and have never really got an answer or anything. If you don't know where or what it is, go to
  20. Its Ryan


    Hey guys im just starting out on youtube and i just have a quick question. How bad am i? lol If you can rate my channel from like 1-10 that would be great. And also what can I fix about my channel? My channel-
  21. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I recently haven't been getting as much traction as I have before. How do you guys grow? Any strategies that can help me? Thanks any tips will help
  22. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have realized that for some reason I rewatch my videos a lot. Especially when I just post the video. Idk Why I do it, but I just do. Does any one do this?
  23. Matt360

    Need Advice for getting more subs

    For the past 3 days i wasn't getting any new subscribers:( Got any advice?:help: for 1 sub to at least 10 or more
  24. Its Ryan


    Hey guys lately I have been spending a ton of time on youtube. Almost 3-5 hours on every video. I still have school and I don't know how I can handle both school and videos. What should I do? And a question for you guys. How much time do you guys spend on youtube?
  25. TheMix

    How far will you go?

    Our channel is a group of 4 best friends and our dream is to have a career in YouTube. We are determined to achieve that goal so there for we put in hours and hours of hard work. Most of us are up doing stuff for the channel even when we need sleep or have to get up early. The grind won't stop...
  26. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback on my Video Quiz on Youtube!

    I'd like some feedback on my latest video.. a quiz on YouTube. I'd like to know if you can see the text without needing to force your eyes, if the text takes too long to change or anything else I can improve! Thanks in advance!
  27. KantoGaming

    Do you show your sub count??

    Im just curious. I just turned mine off for the first time to do a test and see if I'll get more views/subs because people don't know how many subs I already have. I've heard a lot of people say that other people can be turned away from a channel just because of your sub count. So, do you...
  28. Its Ryan


    Hey guys what are your average views per video. For me it is around 150 views and 15 likes.
  29. Jbarker91

    Giveaway Opinions?

    Last week we finally reached our goal of 150 subscribers! After only two months of consistent videos we hit that first little milestone we placed for ourselves. When we hit 100 subscribers we did a giveaway and it went very well, but I'm wondering what all your thoughts are on if we should do...
  30. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am feeling very curious today. I just wanted to know what you guys do on youtube and why are you doing it? I do funny moments on games because I just love to make people laugh and I love seeing my progress in these videos.