What do you do when a test video goes wrong?


I've Got It
So i was testing a new video types, this one was a theory on if kubo and the two strings was a sequel to princess kaguya, to see how my audience responds to non anime spasific content, and its doing badly, my views fluctuate pritty widely, from 40 views to 5000 views, but this got 8, and im scared that newcomers see it and deside that im not big enough to sub to, should i bury it in low effert content or should i let it ride, i upload weekly normal

how do you react when a video flops?
It's not a huge deal, if something doesn't work try to look at where you went wrong and try again until you hit the mark :)
As a new Youtuber, flopping videos is the name of the game (for me anyways lol). I'm trying to figure out what people like, what style I want to portray, who my target audience is, etc. At the moment, most of my videos don't get over 100 views. I thought I would have more, but I guess they're buried in the plethora of other gaming videos out there. Getting noticed is tough in this genre.

My advice to you would be to let it ride out. Use the analytics you gain from it to ascertain where you could improve such as audience retention at a specific point or content they didn't like. At the end of the day though, we all make content we feel is sub par. Getting over that feeling of discouragement takes will power and perseverance. Keep at it!
Your video has only been up for a few hours. I would wait 2-3 days before really deciding if a video was a flop. I usually wait a few weeks and if it's really bad, I just private it.