low views

  1. A

    Lately not getting a lot of views on my video?! Youtube algorithm

    I know about it and they have been mentioning it for a while. Have you guys noticed that your views are getting lower and lower? Mine has. I know views and numbers don't matter, but I just have to speak my mind about this. I don't know what the hell is going on with YouTube lately? I used to be...
  2. M

    Low views? Am I posting on the wrong days?

    Hey everyone, So the way my schedule is right now, Fridays are the best time to post for me but I've been noticing lately that my videos aren't getting many views at all, kind of even less than when I first started :O_o2: and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.. (Really hope it's not...
  3. AshtheMonster

    100 subs!

    I got past 100 subscribers and am 6 away from 150! I know in the scheme of things it is a small milestone, but I am extremely proud of it regardless. Especially since I don't have exceptionally high views, which means that a lot of the people who see my videos subscribe or are subscribed. Which...
  4. JoycelynsLife

    What Do You Do To Videos That Aren't Doing Well?

    So I'm starting out on YouTube and recently just spent time on trying to growing my channel. So, I'm wondering, what do you do to videos that aren't doing well? And what do you define as 'not doing well'?
  5. spudfunk

    lots of subscribers, but little views

    I have noticed with every video i upload im getting less and less views in a short amount of time after uploading, it just got really bad with my latest video, not even being able to break 1000views in 8 hours, which is horrible considering i have over 100k subs, and got over 5k new subs in just...
  6. sphamedia

    What do you do when a test video goes wrong?

    So i was testing a new video types, this one was a theory on if kubo and the two strings was a sequel to princess kaguya, to see how my audience responds to non anime spasific content, and its doing badly, my views fluctuate pritty widely, from 40 views to 5000 views, but this got 8, and im...
  7. iMaxRK

    How to get your gaming videos noticed in the community?

    I make sliter.io and splix.io videos and i was wondering anyone knew how the could get noticed?
  8. itsDarrennnn

    No Views, No Subscribers

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could leave some feedback on my channel? I've been uploading constantly uploading and filming content I think people would like but I'm getting no views. Please leave useful tips!!! I know I should be patient and keep uploading, and don't get me wrong I...
  9. Scootakip [Lana]

    Tired Of Getting Barely Any Views

    Am I the only one who feels this way? I put plenty of time and effort into my videos, and it ends up getting barely any views. My latest video took days to edit, and it only has 14 views. I have 193 subscribers, yet my videos rarely manage to get even 20 views. I still have fun doing Youtube...
  10. Cynikal

    Massive Drop in Views/Viewership?

    So I've been posting on this channel for about 4 months now, gained a few good friends and went through some massive changes. Now, most of my subscribers are other youtubers/streamers and all have told me that my videos are awesome and I deserve xxx amount of subscribers. This I find hard to...