Lately not getting a lot of views on my video?! Youtube algorithm


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I know about it and they have been mentioning it for a while. Have you guys noticed that your views are getting lower and lower? Mine has. I know views and numbers don't matter, but I just have to speak my mind about this. I don't know what the hell is going on with YouTube lately? I used to be able to get like 100 and above views but now I'm getting less than 70 views. At least some people still watch my videos. I lot of people used to watch my videos. I mean if they loss interest I understand that. I get it. Also, people are busy outside of YouTube as well. I am too, but I just can't help noticing my views are just lower now. I don't know what is up with the YouTube Algorithm now! YouTube only cares about the big youtubers and dont give a s**t about us small youtubers. I just wanna know what is happening with youtube. Maybe it's my content that needs to change or my videos arent so good anymore? I don't know. I am getting very discouraged about this and it makes me wanna quit making videos. I see other small channels growing faster than me. Don't get me wrong i make videos just for fun and I love what I do, but not many watchers, is very discouraging and I don't know what to do anymore. Has any of you guys ecpereince this? I dont want you guys to think I'm whining or complaining. I was just being honest about my feelings about this. The people that still watch my videos, I appriciate them. Any tips? thanks
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There have been a few changes recently with YouTube removing lots of "inappropriate" videos and channels. That usually results in major reshuffles of what videos are getting promoted / suggested and listed in search.

There could also be some seasonal things going on. - It's near the end of school year and people have exams to revise for. Stuff like that. :)