youtube video creating

  1. 3kidstv

    So Beads 2 In 1 Rose Gold Jewellery For Girls | How To Make Your Own Bracelets and Necklaces Set

    Hi! In this video will show DIY So Beads 2 In 1 Rose Gold jewellery, craft activity kit for girls, you can make your own bracelets and necklaces set Product Description Design, dazzle and style with this So Beads Rose Gold Set. This make your own jewellery kit includes enough accessories to...
  2. A

    Lately not getting a lot of views on my video?! Youtube algorithm

    I know about it and they have been mentioning it for a while. Have you guys noticed that your views are getting lower and lower? Mine has. I know views and numbers don't matter, but I just have to speak my mind about this. I don't know what the hell is going on with YouTube lately? I used to be...
  3. Stata Training School

    Microphone and Camera

    Can someone recommend to me a top quality microphone and camera brands for youtube tutorial video production? Recommendations will be highly appreciated.
  4. syla

    How can I know, What kind of video should I create?

    I'm create video but i got less view so what should i do before creating video, should i research keyword? so those keyword how can i brianstorm to search? I don't know what is the first basic to create and I got more view, and the kind of video that i create are tips and tricks facebook or...