Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could leave some feedback on my channel? I've been uploading constantly uploading and filming content I think people would like but I'm getting no views. Please leave useful tips!!! I know I should be patient and keep uploading, and don't get me wrong I LOVVVVEEEEE filming!!! SOOOO MUCH!!! Having limited views is not enough and never will be for me to give up/stop YouTube, but it's so disappointing to see that I'm here getting no subscribers and people on this forum who've started a week ago are growing so fast. Even people who've only got one video, or one they've the uploaded like 2 days ago are doing better than me. Should I collab? How do I?? Please help anything is useful at this point. Thanks for helping!
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I think you should work on your thumbnails, they look too messy, they need to be clean and attractive so people can click on it. The video quality is a bit low as well - so you really just need to work on content. Make it funny in the beginning and or interesting enough to keep people watching.