1. G

    Can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download facebook videos using a software ????

    Hell guys A question : can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download Facebook videos using a paid software " ?? I see a lot of videos in YouTube about that , is that illegal or not ??? Thank you :)
  2. F

    Something very important you have to know!!

    NEVER. NEVER. NEVER Delete your videos. I just got a video that I posted 2 years ago get picked up by the algorithm and gain 500.000 views in 1 week, and it seems like it's still growing. I didn't make a lot of money because the video was very short, but I gained a good chunk of subscribers, and...
  3. Have You Laughed Today?

    Comedy #Funny #HaveYouLaughedToday #Epicfails

  4. A

    Easy to Earn Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hello Everyone, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks...
  5. A

    Make Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hi Guys, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks, strategies, and...
  6. W

    Loop YouTube Videos on PC and Phones

    On a desktop or laptop computer, YouTube allows you to automatically repeat a video you're watching. Additionally, there are free, third-party services that assist you with repeating videos. Looping a video can be helpful if you're learning a new skill from a YouTube tutorial, or if you simply...
  7. S

    The best app I've found to compress my videos

    I had a problem compressing my videos in the past. I didn't like the interface, or it was hard for me to realize how the tool was used. Not only that but I also wanted to change the way it compressed and it was very frustrating. But recently I found a tool that allows me to compress long videos...
  8. T


    The best free sound effects for YouTube video To get the sounds click HERE
  9. A

    How to edit viral videos to not get copyright strike?

    How to edit viral videos to not get copyright strike? I was thinking of uploading some viral videos in the public domain and want to know how to edit them so as not to get copyright strike? What tips can you recommend? Which software for Mac is good? Thank you.
  10. M

    Other How can I sell my videos rights to other channels

    Hi, I have seen many youtuber selling their videos non-exclusive rights on to different publishers. I need to know can I sell my videos non-exclusive rights to other channels and publishers from Facebook?
  11. HellOnEarth215


    Some of the greatest video game content known to man. I have a great idea that will help every Youtuber get subscribers. But there's only one catch, you have to pay it forward. Let's help each other reach 1000 Subscribers.
  12. ExpiredYT

    Need Collaboration buddy!

    Looking for a collab partner on xbox to do a gaming video with. Must be 16 or older
  13. S

    Gaming Looking to start a YouTube and Twitch channel. [PC]

    Right, the time has come to start making PC gaming videos and live streaming with the boys. I'm looking for people with an edgier sense of humor, 16+ years old, decent mic quality, at least a mid range PC (able to run games like PUBG, GTA V, Rust, etc.). Your sub count DOES NOT MATTER. I don't...
  14. R

    can you base your new video of Google keywords tool

    so if your making a gaming video and don't know what to make it on can you look at Google keywords and create the video of the low competition titles or no.
  15. Darren Taylor

    Private to Public Video Publishing

    Hey guys, Normally I publish my videos straight away, but sometimes I think I missed something in the description, or I want to wait until a time my subscribers are online. Does publishing "private" then making "public" have any negative implications? I know getting views quickly is part of...
  16. PhysicsFreak101

    How do you guys make your videos?

    I am curious about everyone's editing process, and there are a few people I know off the top of my head who would like to know how I edit my videos. Please post your editing process's down below! My Editing Process : Import all video and audio files into the editor before I start, I hate...
  17. LCGaming

    Any Advice On How To Improve???

    Hey everyone we were wondering if you could take the time out of your day to just give our channel a look and give us any pointers an such on what we could do to improve our channel and or content. We know that our channel will not grow over night, but we are just trying to see what we can do...
  18. W

    Gaming Looking For Clan Members (ALPHA’S)

    Yo what’s up people I am hosting a gaming clan on PS4 it’s called ALPHA. My channel name is also ALPHA_Will I am partnered with a friend of mine called lazy and we looking for new people to join the clan. I am the leader and he is the Co-leader we have two members and we basically want to grow a...
  19. PhysicsFreak101

    How to start/improve your Gaming/Funny Moments Channel!

    Okay first off, I've only been on YouTube for a little over 2 years so far, and been making funny moments style content for about 8 months, so if you guys have any other recommendations, please comment them down below! Now that we are done with that, I want to share how I make my videos, and...
  20. Paranoia_Origins

    Need PS4 SHAREfactory suggestions? Come on innnn... check it out!

    Hey whats up ps4 users, today I wanted to make a forum post just to give some information I feel you guys should know, if you don't already know! Now first here is a lot of questions people ask a lot! "How do I import Music/Videos/Images into SHAREfactory?" I will try my best to explain it all...
  21. Courtney Candice

    Videos that didn’t go as planned

    I had a special video I planned out for tomorrow, this was suppose to be my comeback video after not have a video for two weeks. The video was suppose to be a Halloween makeup look. I bought those temporary face tattoos for the look, I kinda knew the was a big chance that it might it work...
  22. Hirudov

    What is the highest number of likes, without a dislike you have on a video?

    Usually I get few "fans" who automatically dislike almost every new video, but for one video seems they somehow missed it and the video is now with 156 likes and 0 dislikes (I was thinking it is impossible to have higher than 90%/10% like/dislike ratio), but now with 100% likes it is really an...
  23. SillyVoid

    How to advertise properly

    The other day I was told by someone that the reason my videos aren't being viewed is because I'm not advertising properly but I wasn't able to ask how to do so. So please can anyone please give some advise on how to effectively advertise my videos. Any help would be much appreciated.
  24. Stoner Gamer


    What can i do better in my videos. Does my channel look appealing. Does my intro stand out enough. What could I change about the appearance. Any feedback mould be much appreciated.
  25. Stoner Gamer

    This is so funny I had a blast

    This was a funny one. We played this game not knowing what it was
  26. Jayden Garcia

    This is one of the best missions on Spiderman (PS4)!

  27. Jayden Garcia


    1st episode of @SpiderMan is #LIVE on my #Youtube channel. If you enjoy all types of video games then my channel is for you. Go check me out & don't forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy the content.
  28. A

    Other (Collab) Crazy discord videos

    Hi, i am Arzi Plays and i'm looking for some people to maybe play or just be in discord doing something fun. I do have a bit requirements, but you'll probably pass *be atleast 12 years * be under 20 *live in timelines between +00:00 and +04:00 *´Can have any amount of subscribers Thank you...
  29. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make Good Videos On Your Phone

  30. bao vu

    What to upload as 1st Video? Original Idea or throw away vids?

    Hey guys. I've been looking around for different advice when it comes to starting out and there are mixed advice. I've read in some articles that when you start YT you should COPY what other people are doing (within your niche) so that you build up a small following and then after that you...