1. Purely Peña


    I don't know what is going on but my videos got demonetized overnight. Like all 120+ of them!!! I only had like maybe 5 videos that were not supposed to be monetized because of the content, but the rest of them are fine. I don't get it? When I try to monetize them again, it monetizes them, then...
  2. S.A.D

    How do you keep ahead of youtube playlist spammers?

    if you don't know what i mean basically this. I uploaded a vid to youtube and when i attempt to find my vid entire playlist of the same frecking vids, of the same frecking youtuber spammed over 4 pages, not including other spammers and other playlists. How is there any real way around this. I...
  3. PhoenixAnimus

    Glitchy Demons | Shadow Warrior

    So because shadow warrior 2 is coming out in under a months time I decided I would do a Let's play of shadow warrior 1, and I must say, it is one of my favourite games to play right now. Seriously if you haven't played the game yourself I'd suggest you get it! And I'm using certain 'weapons'...
  4. LilPineappleGaming


    Hi my name is LilPineapple! I recently made a Youtube channel called LilPineappleGaming and I am looking for anyone who want to collab and post daily of playing video games for fun! -I'm 18 (male) and looking for anyone 18+ -Looking to post daily Youtube videos -Enjoy and have fun video games...
  5. PhoenixAnimus

    Do you read the descriptions

    So from my own experiences my subs and people I see on big channels don't read the description people put up, and I just feel like more and more people are ignoring the description, and will just straight up ask a question that the person has CLEARLY stated is in the description whether it be an...
  6. Porcupixel


    In celebration of 50 videos, we have constructed the funny gaming montage of the century! Thanks for all the support/advice YTtalk. Looking forward to many more videos!
  7. Nexines

    Quitting Smoking & Doing Better CONTENT

    Hey guys would like to just say I have been doing YouTube videos with updates on my quitting smoking as well as future content coming which will be smashing the old works I have done, would love some feed back if possible...
  8. terror569

    Did Pewdiepie get me sick?

    It's for the competition in the Czech Republic :D
  9. ZavNation

    Gaming The comedy Collaboration :D! If you guys are interested

    Hey guys! I'm a gamer that posts mainly the funny moments in my gaming adventures. I usually game with my friends on the ps4 and we have a blast! Of course we do play seriously but not a whole lot our main objective is to bring smiles and laughter when people watch our videos. But when my...
  10. Starson Plays

    Darth Vaders MESSAGE TO YOU! :O

  11. Lewiswebster1100

    Feedback upon my Vloggies

    Hey guys , just looking for any feedback on my vlogs :) -Lewis
  12. KantoGaming


    I can't help but not have the motivation to make youtube videos because I feel like they are terrible quality. I understand the whole do YouTube cause you have fun with it, and I do have fun, I just get embarrassed to put my videos out sometimes because I feel like they are terrible So yeah...
  13. ruanlotter

    My First Vlog - Please tell me what you think.

    Hi all, So I have been creating VFX and Filmmaking tutorials for a couple of years on YouTube and I decided I am going to try and do my FIRST every vlog. So I created a brand new channel and uploaded my first Vlog. Have a look and let me know what you think. I am planning to do maybe a...
  14. k3rbs

    Channel Review : What can I do better to get more subs

    Hey what's up guys. So i'm a pretty small youtuber with only 7 subs and I haven't grown any in 2 weeks. Is there anything I can do better with my channel, videos and other things to get back rolling again? Thanks, let me know what you think of my channel down below!
  15. KantoGaming

    I'm interested in your channels!

    Seriously, it's no joke :D I always love checking out fellow small youtuber channels, I think it's a great way to communicate back and fourth and make friendships! So, post a random comment below.. Like what your favorite food is, and I'll check out your channel link. :wavespin:
  16. itsDarrennnn

    No Views, No Subscribers

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could leave some feedback on my channel? I've been uploading constantly uploading and filming content I think people would like but I'm getting no views. Please leave useful tips!!! I know I should be patient and keep uploading, and don't get me wrong I...
  17. KristenMedina88

    Hi Everyone! I'm KristenMedina88! Any tips on Marketing my videos?

    I started making youtube videos when i was 12 years now and now I am 23! I didn't get to update as often for the past few years because i had a day job but now I'm in a job with a flexible schedule which is so awesome because now i have time to update my channel! My old videos i made as a...
  18. Skullzrulerz

    My Youtube Videos Take A Long Time To Upload

    Hello everyone. I need some advice regarding my videos lately since i am recording call of duty world at war lately via bandicam and it's seems that some of my videos are in gigabytes one of them was around 12GB. Now when i upload them onto youtube it takes 30mins to 1 hour and 30mins so i...
  19. Rolz

    Make a logo without PS!

    Whatsup guys, so I actually don't use all adobe products for my YouTube editing and I thought I would share a little bit about this free program that you can use to make your thumbnails/logos etc. It's called Gimp and its free to download, its quite user friendly whilst still being quite...
  20. Maarij Bashir

    How do you guys upload more frequently?

    I make music videos for my channel, but I would like some tips on how should upload my videos more often. I try my best to upload 1 video a week. I want to be able to upload 2, 3, or more. How should I go about this?