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I've Got It
I don't know what is going on but my videos got demonetized overnight. Like all 120+ of them!!! I only had like maybe 5 videos that were not supposed to be monetized because of the content, but the rest of them are fine. I don't get it? When I try to monetize them again, it monetizes them, then I click away, and go back... and they are back to being demonetized... ???? Please help!
I checked out some of your videos and I think I might have an answer. Recently a youtube bot went around demonetizing videos with titles/tags/descriptions that deal with controversial subject matter (rape, violence, abortion, etc.) or if they have swearing in them, as they are not deemed "advertiser friendly". Looking through your channel, I noticed a lot of videos have some key words that youtube doesn't like, so it's very possible that you're another victim of this. As for ways to fix this, I'm not quite sure. You can try changing around the titles and tags of some of your videos as a test, wait like a day, and seeing if you can monetize them again. I've seen a youtuber who had the word "p**n" in the title who had their video demonitized, and changing it to "p0rn" seemed to fix it for them. I'm sorry this happened to you, it seems like you're very passionate about the subjects you talk about. It's not fair and there are a ton of other youtubers out there who are trying to fight it. There is a chance that I'm wrong and it's a completely different issue, but seeing how this was going on with other youtubers as recently as a week or two ago, I doubt it's a coincidence.
Did the rest of the videos get hit with that "non-advertiser friendly" message that's been happening lately? Even though I guess YT says it's been like that for awhile but the notification part of it has changed. Either that or if you're part of a network, they may have been informed by YT to demonetize. Unless it's a glitch.