1. Kade2110

    Need Video Ideas!

    Hey guys, on my channel, I am starting to run out of some quick come up video ideas, because my daily schedule is so busy I haven't been able to upload because I don't have any ideas, then it becomes too late. Are there any cool ideas I could do so that I can get back on my daily upload...
  2. Marija Damceska

    What do you guys use to edit your videos of vlogs?

    I am on a windows computer so i have no idea what edit on?
  3. Marija Damceska

    What kind of first video should i post?

    I have been thinking about maybe a 'What's on my Iphone' Do you guys have any other ideas for me?
  4. Tac0cann0n

    Thoughts on an Outro or End Card?

    I've created an end card for myself that I place at the end of my videos that has a spot for the previous video, as well as calls to action (like following social media, as well as subscribing). My question to you all is this: Do you feel like having calls to action in the end card is the right...
  5. Tac0cann0n

    Opinions on my content?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the videos that I have released so far. I create gaming content for the most part, but am looking to do more formal reviews as well as other content in the future of the channel. I'd like to ask you all for comments on the content in my...
  6. C

    Vlog Teen Collab Group

    Wouldn't it be great to have a group of 6-8 vloggers, all ages 17-20, to post a vlog once a week, as a collab group? If you'd be interested, email me at and we can chat, see if it would work!
  7. GeniePurple


    Yesterday I uploaded a new video.. YEAAAHHH MORE SWEETS TO EAT. So here it is, if you haven't subscribe, do so, So you can check back every week for new random, awesome, fun videos .. peace dudes!
  8. HoTIcE


    I would be down to collaborate. ill paly any game it does not matter! REQUIREMENTS 1.You have to be a PC gamer 2. 12+ 3.A decent mic and headset 4. Skype If you are intrested just comment down bellow or add me on skype: HoT IcE
  9. JayPlays

    Is it better to have a facecam in your gaming videos or not?

    Hello guys, ive been thinking about using a facecam lately but im not 100% sure if people would like that. Do people prefer to listen to just a commentary throughout the game or do people like to see the face/reaction aswell throughout the video? i do gaming videos by the way but Please let me...
  10. Salvatore

    Voice Acting Need voice over! :)

    I need voice over for youtube videos let me know if you can help me :) We already have someone who write the scripts and we need someone who do voiceover. -Thank You
  11. Salvatore

    Request Need motion graphic for videos

    I need motion graphic designer for making videos. Our team is made by a writer, a voice over guy and a music and sfx supervisor. We need a motion graphic designer to make high quality videos. Please let me know if you can help us. -Thank you
  12. Salvatore

    Unique ideas for videos

    We are going to start a brand new channel and we want a co-worker with us to this project. We will have a video editor, a voice over guy and we need a writer for the videos. I'm asking to all of you on yttalk if there is someone who can be part of this project as a writer. :) :) The videos...
  13. SandManOnly

    This will interest you.

    So I was wondering, If you wanted to make a let's play on youtube what will be the game you would choose and why, I'm thinking of making a let's play of This War Of Mine Anniversary Edition what do you think ?
  14. SeanFace101

    How do i pin a comment on a video?

    How do I pin a comment to the top of the comment list on my videos? and can it be any comment? or one of mine / not one of mine only?
  15. Zacke23

    Wanting to make my videos viral?

    Im a new youtuber that post videos on gaming, I see people like The Sidemen and Ali A post gaming videos all the time (Yes I understand they are big youtubers) but wonder how they got their first couple of videos viral to become the people they are today? I would like to kinda follow in their...
  16. EpicMikey21

    Funny Sketch Video ideas

    Hey guys :D I need some some help finding some ideas about a funny comedy sketch Any ideas? Thanks!!! :D
  17. JanPlays_

    Any tips on how to get more subs?

    I am a small channel (8 subs) and im wondering if anyone has some tips on how to get more subs? Thank you!
  18. Omnicide

    *HELP!! How can i revive my channel?*

    Ok so my channel has been pretty much dead for about 6 months now, it was going good at about 1k subs and decent views per video but i stopped uploading due to laziness and general lack of time, I've lost a lot of my subscribers and my views are gradually dwindling; but I'm planning to reboot it...
  19. Tuurngait Gaming

    Should smaller YouTubers make their videos shorter?

    Hello I'm Tuurngait! So I've been wondering... should small YouTubers make their videos shorter than usual? My thoughts behind this are: Less people will be watching your content, so if you keep it at a short range of 5-8 or so minutes, a person new to your channel might be more tempted to...
  20. T

    I don't have a genuine audience to critique me sooo...

    I only have two subscribers and I'm afraid my friend doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but I need some (constructive) criticism, so if you don't have anything to do or are just bored, your criticisms are welcome. I'm looking on getting an intro soon, and working on getting an actual profile...
  21. F

    Request looking for someone to help me with a intro,avatar,banner and outro pls

    Hi could someone make me a new Banner,Intro,avatar and outro as my ones now or not very good I will not be able to pay iam broke as I am at college 2nd year if your interested Tweet me @YTFifthrowgamin It would be very appreciated thank you. PS: You will get a link my description everytime I...
  22. Maarij Bashir

    Are you allowed to put other people videos in your video?

    Let's say you were doing an video on analyzing a film. Would you get a strike for that?
  23. D

    Tips on choosing the right tags?

    Okay so i'm sure like many others out there, struggle finding the correct tags for my videos, for most of my videos I've sat there and pondered whether it's the best tags I can muster. With that being said, does anyone have any tips or guidelines to help come up with some good tags?
  24. Hopeless Insomniac

    Do you watch your own videos?

    I've heard a lot of youtubers debate recently on if they watch their own videos or not. Personally I watch it through once to make sure what I uploaded is what I wanted to be uploaded and then after that I don't touch it because if I watch it too many times I lose my nerve and want to take it...
  25. CatTagz

    Hi there I'm CatTagz or Leo!

    Hi there I'm Leo and I run a small gaming channel called CatTagz. I very resonly started this channel which is why I have a very low subscriber amount but if we all work together I think that I could grow my own channel while helping some of you guys out as well. I'm open for collaborations and...
  26. D

    Halloween video ideas?

    So obviously it's coming up to halloween and I wanted to do a video for halloween but I'm strapped for ideas, any suggestions?
  27. GoldSnoopy

    Advice? Mixing games on one channel

    I would really appreciate some advice as this is a question I have asked myself for months maybe even a year now and I have not been able to find the "corrrect" answer for it. I am curious if it would be a good idea to mix a channel that is based off of League of Legends for example, and upload...
  28. TSR Viking

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with (18+) PC

    Hey there, I am looking for people to play with, and make videos with and to have a laugh with! The games I play mostly are battlefield 1, CS:GO and dead by daylight, but I have alot of other games also, but too many to write here haha, contact me if you are interested! :) I am 20 by the way
  29. Scandinavian Freckles

    My first 1000 Views !!!

    Hey everyone !! I am so excited !! Today my channel reached 1000 views and I can't believe it !! I have been on youtube for 3 months and I feel like my channel is growing well. I am enjoying every single moment on youtube :) SO EXCITEEEEED YAAAY :D !!
  30. O

    Community Tab (New Feature)

    YouTube is now beta testing with popular YouTubers their new Community Tab feature. It will soon be available to everyone on YouTube. It allows the ability to post and share links, pictures etc in the subscriber feed. Say Goodbye to Multiple Channels YouTube has had a feature for a few years...